And the conspiracy was strong; for the people increased continually with Absalom. II Sam.12

By Barbara Aho  

"Worrying Connections" was the subject of an article written by Andrew Gould to expose the improper connections between certain Hebrew Roots and Revival organizations. Mr. Gould's article and other anti-Hebrew Roots material were removed some time ago from the websites of various discernment organizations subsequent to a threat of litigation from Messengers of Messiah Ministries. Watch Unto Prayer was also named in this threat; however it was never our intention to issue a retraction nor to withdraw our material from the Internet, as demanded by Peter Michas.

That these discernment ministries would so easily capitulate and then berate our attempt to expose this major heretical cult is unfortunate, but not altogether surprising. As I have interacted with these organizations, I have pondered many "worrying connections" within their own ranks. Having confronted those whom I knew personally, but to no avail, I believe that the Christians who follow them have a right to the following information.

"And we beseech you brethren, to know them which labour among you..." I Th. 5:12


In June of 1997, I attended a Discernment Conference in East Lansing, Michigan, which was organized by Jewel van der Merwe of Discernment Ministries and Sarah Leslie of the Christian Conscience. The speakers at this conference included Dean Gotcher, Nancy Flint, Russ Bellant, Berit Kjos, Cynthia Weatherly, Sarah Leslie and Jewel van der Merwe.  Ed Tarkowski had been scheduled as a speaker but was unable to attend. Gary Kah, author of "En Route to Global Occupation" and other books on the New World Order, gave an informal talk after the conference.

Upon my return from East Lansing, I wrote and circulated a report titled "The Unitarian Creed." Being at a loss to explain why this experience occurred at a Discernment Conference, I simply described my encounter with a Unitarian minister who introduced himself and wished to persuade me to the Unitarian doctrines that the Holy Spirit is an emanation rather than a person and that Jesus was a human son of God in the same way believers are sons of God.

Sir Anthony F. Buzzard also explained that he had left the formerly Unitarian Worldwide Church of God after that denomination embraced orthodox doctrine in 1994 and he affiliated with the Church of God General Conference which maintains the Unitarian doctrine. The CGGC headquarters and college, Atlanta Bible College, where Sir Anthony is on staff, are located in Morrow, GA, a suburb of Atlanta.

Sir Anthony had given me his card and contacted me via e-mail soon after the conference, wishing to discuss further reasons why the New Testament gives no clear statement of Jesus' divinity or of the person of the Holy Spirit. When I looked up the web page of Anthony Buzzard's Restoration Fellowship, I was astonished to discover that this British gentleman had been nominated in 1996 for the Templeton Prize. This $1,000,000 "Prize for Progress in Religion" is given annually by New Age financier John Templeton at the World Parliament of Religions, which has included among the distinguished recipients Billy Graham, Bill Bright, Chuck Colson, Mother Teresa, Cardinal Suenens and various Buddhist, Hindu and Muslim leaders. This honor is advertised in Anthony Buzzard's Profile .

I might have reasoned that Sir Anthony Buzzard was simply using the Discernment Ministries as a Christian cover for his globalist agenda, however this conference was "By Invitation Only" and no one could have been present without the approval of the organizers. I therefore spoke to Sarah Leslie thinking that there must have been some mistake in the process of selecting conferees. She replied that Jewel van der Merwe had invited him. When I expressed my alarm to Jewel that someone with Anthony's credentials had been invited to a Discernment Conference, she thanked me for being nice to him and explained that he is "confused." Still disturbed about my experience one year later, I wrote to Sarah via e-mail and received the following reply:

From: Lynn D. Leslie
Sent: Wednesday, May 27, 1998 11:38 AM
To: Timothy Aho
Subject: Re: More Thoughts...
I do not know Anthony Buzzard other than having been introduced to him via Jewel. At that time I firmly cautioned her that this man was an apostate and to stay away from him. I do not know if she heeded my warning.
Sir Anthony Buzzard's web page of referrals to Christian Resources included the Christian Conscience, CROSS+WORD, Focus on the Family, Jews for Jesus and Discernment Ministries. (Predictably, this page has been removed.)

I would learn also that Anthony Buzzard attended a pre-conference to the East Lansing seminar that was held in Atlanta, Georgia and which included only the Discernment leadership and scheduled speakers. This important fact has been denied by Tricia Tillin of Banner Ministries in the UK, and the discernment ministries in general. [See: Further Developments ] However, a speaker at the Discernment Conference in East Lansing, Nancy Flint, confirmed that Sir Anthony did indeed attend the Atlanta leadership conference.

From: < >
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Sent: Tuesday, December 14, 1999 12:46 PM
Subject: Re: Request

Hello Barb,

I can verify that Anthony Buzzard was in Atlanta. I met him there and spoke with him, and remember it quite clearly.  I also had a misgiving about his presence and was told that Jewel had invited him. I had absolutely no idea about his background and connections... nef


Why Atlanta?
Who was setting the agenda for the Discernment Conference?
Do the Discernment Ministries have a larger agenda of which Christians are unaware?

Sir Anthony Farquhar Buzzard is the son of the late Sir Anthony Wass Buzzard (1902-72), who was the head of British Naval Intelligence. In 1955, Sir Anthony W. Buzzard collaborated with Bilderberger and Fabian leader, Denis Healey, later the British Minister of Defence, to divest Great Britain of its nuclear deterrent. Their partnership with two other prominent individuals led to the establishment of the Institute for Strategic Studies, now the International Institute for Strategic Studies. Originally financed by the Ford Foundation, the International Institute for Strategic Studies was founded as a result of a Bilderberger Conference and is regularly represented at Bilderberger Conferences.

The International Institute for Strategic Studies, known as the IISS and located at 23 Tavistock Street in London, was formed in 1958 as a result of decisions made at Bilderberg '57. E. H. van der Beugel, who chaired Bilderberg after the death of Retinger (l'eminence grise) in 1960, later became president of the IISS. Bertram Christoph, representative to Bilderberg for Germany and Bilderberg attendant in '95, '96, and '98, is a former director of the IISS.
A main goal of the Bilderberg Group from its official formation at the Hotel Bilderberg in Oosterbeek, Holland in May 1954, was to install a European superstate. The European Union has been designed from the very beginning by those who control the Bilderberg Group -- the House of Rothschild, the Rockefellers, and the "blue blood" families of Europe. The first president of the Bilderberg Group was Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands.  In his book, The New Unhappy Lords , A.K. Chesterton disclosed the role of the elder Anthony Buzzard with the early Bilderbergers:
My friend and colleague Austen Brooks drew the attention of readers of Candour to another exceedingly curious extra-governmental body working along lines which would suggest its affiliation with the Bilderberg group. Early in 1962 a dozen "leading churchmen" (of whom, needless to say, one was Canon John Collins) published an "appeal to the British Government and people" urging that Britain should be prepared to renounce her independent nuclear deterrent. Commenting on this, the Observer wrote: "Behind the statement lies a strange and little-known relationship between Church leaders and some of Britain's best-known military pundits. The connection started back in 1955, when Richard Goold-Adams, foreign affairs commentator, Denis Healey, the Labour politician, Professor Blackett and Rear-Admiral Sir Anthony Buzzard, former head of Naval Intelligence and an active Churchman, were worried about the lack of serious thinking about strategy in Britain and, in particular, the undue reliance on the strategic H-bomb." (Note the nuclear surrender hand in the "strategic" glove.) This quartet, according to the Observer, "raised the problem" with the then Bishop of Chichester, the late Dr. Bell, who in turn "interested" the chairman and secretary of the Churches' Commission on International Affairs, Sir Kenneth Grubb and the Rev. Alan Booth, and in January, 1957, a conference - described by the Observer as "a strange assembly, eighty-strong, hard-headed military men, journalists and politicians surrounded by clerical cloth" - was held at the Bedford Hotel in Brighton. A continuation committee was set up and the Brighton Conference Association came into being to work against "the undue reliance on the strategic Hbomb". (pp. 208-9)
Chesterton's account of the British "peace" team also reported the remarkable developments which followed the 1957 Brighton Conference.
It was at this point of the story that the Observer opened the bag and let the cat out. "After a year or so," it wrote, "the money they had collected was beginning to run out. But just at that moment, Denis Healey managed to interest the Ford Foundation in this enterprise. He asked for only 10,000 dollars. They offered ten times as much, and with this the Brighton Conference Association wound itself up and the Institute for Strategic Studies came into existence." (p. 209)
Thus, in 1958, the International Institute for Strategic Studies , known as the IISS and located on Tavistock Street in London, was formed as a result of decisions made at Bilderberg '57. E. H. van der Beugel, who chaired Bilderberg after the death of founder, Joseph Retinger in 1960, later became president of the IISS. Bertram Christoph, representative to Bilderberg for Germany and Bilderberg attendant in '95, '96, and '98, is a former director of the IISS. The Royal Institute of International Affairs web site maintains a link to the IISS -- brainchild of Healey, Buzzard, Blackett and Goold-Adams and funded by the Ford Foundation.
The persuasive Mr. Healey, who "managed to interest" the Ford Foundation in the "enterprise" which was working to get rid of Britain's Nuclear deterrent, was then the Labour Party's shadow Minister of Defence. He was also a leading member of the Fabian Society , a member of the Bilderberg group and, almost certainly, a member of the Royal Institute of International Affairs. Small wonder that the policy of the Institute for Strategic Studies, which the American Ford Foundation had brought into being, was soon adopted as the official policy of the Labour Party. In October, 1964, the Fabian Bilderberger Denis Healey became Minister of Defence, an appointment which was the signal for the almost immediate abandonment of a number of British military aircraft projects. Then, early in April, 1965, came what was for all practical purposes the renunciation of the British independent nuclear deterrent - the abandonment of the magnificent British aircraft TSR2. The announcement of this abandonment was made, curiously, not by Mr. Healey but by his colleague Mr. James Callaghan, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, in his Budget speech. What Mr. Callaghan did not announce was that only a couple of months earlier the Ford Foundation had made a further grant to Mr. Healey's Institute for 100,000 dollars look parsimonious. This was a grant of 550,000 dollars over six years. (p. 209-10)
Two years later, the Ford Foundation, which funds and whose members serve as trustees on the Council of Foreign Relations, would also provide a grant to the London School of Economics for a Centre for International Studies. Established as a long-term investment to educate and train an elite workforce to carry out the schemes of socialist reform, the London School of Economics is now one of the largest schools of the University of London, having also an international reputation. The L.S.E. also provides consultants to many organizations, including the U.K. government, international bodies such as the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and the United Nations. The European Institute of the LSE participates actively in the European Series conferences and hosted the 1996 conference which held discussions on European Union, i.e., EMU: How Would a Single European Currency be Managed? European Governance and Law, Europe in the World Economy.  

Colleagues of Sir Anthony Wass Buzzard

The European Spider's Web traces the development of support for the European Union within England to the very institution from which Denis Healey and Sir Anthony F. Buzzard received their education -- Oxford University, home of the Rhodes scholarships:

Labour Party support [for joining the European Economic Community] came from leading figures like the Bilderbergers - James Callaghan, who would later be Prime Minister; Denis Healey, who attended the first Bilderberg meeting in 1954 and a stream of those that followed... Appropriately, all of those people except for Callaghan were products of the Elite's UK production line, better known as Oxford University. This is a massive recruiting and conditioning centre, not just for British youngsters, but also for the overseas students, like Bill Clinton, who attend Oxford under the Rhodes Scholarship scheme set up by that arch manipulator of the Elite agenda, Cecil Rhodes.
Not only did Denis Healey become a regular attendee of the Bilderberger Conferences, but proudly explained in his book, The Time of My Life, that he recruited British members for the Bilderberg meetings:
"Of all these meetings, the most valuable to me while I was in opposition were the Bilderberg Conferences... They were the brainchild of Joseph Retinger... After the war he organized the Congress of the Hague, which launched the European Movement... I was invited to the first [Bilderberg] meeting and later acted as convenor of the British who attended." (pp. 195-96)
A.K. Chesterton also wrote in The New Unhappy Lords of the power elites who formed the Bilderberg Group meeting on two occasions off the Atlantic coast of Georgia -- specifically Jekyl Island (1908) and St. Simon Island (1957). Of interest, the 45th Bilderberg Meeting was held near Atlanta, Georgia, from June 12-15 of 1997. The following rather lengthy excerpt from Chesterton's book identifies as participants in the 1957 St. Simon and 1958 Buxton meetings members of the international power elite, which included Denis Healey, who collaborated toward world government.
If the facts concerning the Royal Institute of International Affairs and the Council on Foreign Relations be accepted, it will be seen that the proper study of political mankind is the study of power elites, without which nothing that happens can be understood. These elites, preferring to work in private, are rarely found posed for photographers, and their influence upon events has therefore to be deduced from what is known of the agencies they employ. There are dozens of such agencies, and financial support received from one or other or all three big American foundations - Rockefeller, Carnegie and Ford - provides an infallible means of recognizing them. One of the most blatant of these agencies, despite its adoption of a secret society technique, is the Bilderberg Group, which seems to have been inspired by an important event. In the year 1908, secret agents of the New York Money Power and their Washington fuglemen had themselves transported in the dead of night to Jekyll Island off the coast of Georgia. As the result of their plotting there was created, four years later, the means whereby the Money Trust was enabled to seize control of the entire American economy through the mechanism of the Federal Reserve Board. In February 1957, a similarly hush-hush conference took place at St. Simons Island in the same region. A "summary" of the proceedings was entered by Senator Wiley, champion of the Left-wing, in the appendix of the Congressional Record. It referred to "the preservation of peace" under the auspices of Nato, which revealed nothing. The composition of the gathering, however, was revealing. Nobody with Right-Wing views was permitted to attend. Wiley was accompanied by Fulbright, both of the U.S. Foreign Affairs Committee. Sulzberger of the New York Times was there. So was the mysterious Gabriel Hauge, said by the Wall Street Journal to be "the expert who tells Ike what to think". So was the only less mysterious George Kennan, former Ambassador to Russia. So were the representatives of the Rockefeller Foundation and the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. A Supreme Court Judge was reported to have been present, although he did not register. Westbrook Pegler, the courageous American columnist, believes that he was Felix Frankfurter, the patron of Dean Acheson and Alger Hiss among other dubious proteges. There was also Lord Kilmuir, who as Sir David Maxwell Fyfe figured among that of a more improbable looking Scot than could be imagined. What these agents...were plotting was nothing to the benefit of the sovereign independence of the nations of the Western World.

The following people were also present:-

J.H. Retinger , Polish Charge d'Affaires in Russia, 1941; Joseph E. Johnson, President, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace; Hon. F.D.L. Astor, Editor, The Observer, U.K.; G.W. Ball, Attorney, Cleary, Gottlieb, Friendly and Ball, U.S.; Fritz Berg, Chairman, Federation of German Industries, Germany; M. Nuri Birgi, Secretary-General, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Turkey; Eugene R. Black, President, International Bank for Reconstruction and Development; Robert R. Bowie, Ass. Secretary of State for Policy Planning, U.S.; McGeorge Bundy [Skull & Bones], Dean Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Harvard University; Hakon Christianson, Chairman, East Asiatic Company, Denmark; Walter Cisler, Presidedent, Atomic Industrial Forum, U.S.; Pierre Commin, Secretary, French Socialist Party; B.D. Cooke, Director, Dominion Insurance Company, U.S.; Arthur H. Dean, Law partner of John Foster Dulles, formerly of Sullivan and Cromwell, U.S.; Jean de la Garde, French Ambassador to Mexico; Thomas E. Dewey, Attorney, former Governor of New York, U.S.; Sir William Eddlitt, Air Chief Marshal, Royal Institute, U.K.; Fritz Erler , Socialist M.P., Germany; John Ferguson, Attorney, Cleary, Gottlieb, Friendly and Ball, U.S.; Lincoln Gordon, Professor, Consultant to Nato's "Three Wise Men"; Sir Colin Gubbins, Industrialist, U.K.; Lawrence R. Hafstead, Technical Adviser, Atomic Energy Commission; Jens Christian Hauge, Socialist M.P., Norway; Brooks Hays, House Foreign Affairs Committee; Denis Healey, Labour M.P. (now Minister of Defence), U.K.; Arnold D.P. Heeney, Ambassador to U.S.A., Canada; Michael A. Heilperin, Economist, U.S.; Henry J. Heinz, President, H.J. Heinz & Company, U.S.; Leif Hoegh, Banker, Norway; Paul G. Hoffman , Former Director, E.C.A., U.N. Delegate, U.S.; C.D. Jackson, President, Time Inc., Former Special Assistant to the President, U.S.; Wm. H. Jackson , Former Special Assistant to the President U.S.; Per Jacobson, Man. Director, International Monetary Fund, Sweden; Georg Kurt Keisinger , Director of Special Studies, Rockefeller Foundation; Pieter Liefnick , Director, International Monetary Fund, Netherlands; Imbriani Longo , Director-General, Banco Nazionale del lavoro, Italy; Paul Martin , Minister Health and Welfare, Canada; David J. Mcdonald, President United Steelworkers; Geo. C. McGhee, Director, Middle East Institute; Ralph E. McGill Editor, Atlanta Constitution; Alex W. Menne, President, Association of German Chemical Industries, Germany; Rudolf Mueller, Lawyer, Germany; Robert Murphy, Deputy-Under-Secretary of State U.S.; Frank C. Nash, Attorney former Assistant Secretary of Defence, U.S.; Geo. Nebolsine, Attorney, Coudert Bros, U.S.; Paul H. Nitze, Director, Policy Planning, State Department, U.S.; Morehead Patterson, Deputy Commissioner of Disarmament, U.S.; Don K. Price , Vice-President, Russian Institute, Columbia University; David Rockefeller , Chairman of the Board, Chase National Bank; J.H. Van Joijen, Ambassador to U.S., Netherlands; Dean Rusk, President, Rockefeller Foundation; Paul Rykans, Industrialist, Netherlands; J.L.S. Steele, Chairman, British International Chamber of Commerce, U.K.; Terkel M. Terkelson, Editor, Denmark; John M. Vorys, Member, Foreign Affairs Committee; Fraser B. Wilde , Comm. on Economic Development; Otto von Amerongen Wollf, Partner, Otto Wollf, Germany; W.T. Wren, Chairman Allied Iron Founders, U.D.; Paul van Zeeland, Financier, former Prime Minister of Belgium.

The Chairman was H.R.H. Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands. Strange, is it not, that the Prince should be the "front" for a powerful left-wing secret society?

Why were these people present: Who sent them? Who paid their fares? Who sponsored their meeting? What did they discuss? What did they decide? What orders were they given? Was there any common denominator of interest among them? Yes, they were all promoters of internationalism. Were they instructed in the next phase of the advance towards One World? The answer, beyond doubt, is Yes.

The Sunday Times reported during October 1957 that financiers and businessmen from Britain, the United States, Canada and thirteen other Western nations had begun private talks at Fiuggi, Italy, on the European free trade area and the Common Market projects. There were sixty delegates, Mr. Maudling, the Paymaster-General at the time and the Minister responsible for Britain's intended part in the proposed European free trade area, and Viscount Kilmuir, Lord Chancellor, attended...

There is no difficulty in recognising in this secret gathering the mysterious Bilderberg Group, of which Prince Bernhard is the official sponsor. As the author surmised after the St. Simons Island meeting, the purpose was to speed up the cause of internationalism and it is interesting to have confirmed the fact that these agents of the Money Power were directly concerned with the European free trade area. Am I right in thinking that the work undertaken by the Bilderberg Group was once undertaken by such bodies as Chatham House? It may even be that the remorseless light I shed on Chatham House activities in the pages of the old Truth may have led to its manipulators seeking new facades behind which to work. As Lord Kilmuir maintained that all the Bilderberg Group's members spoke as private individuals would he also have known whether they paid their own expenses when attending these meetings in different parts of the world? If they did not, who did?

In September 1958 another meeting of the Bilderberg Group took place in Buxton, Derbyshire... [The very highest agents of the arch-conspirators] came not in their official capacities but as private citizens. That fact was repeatedly stressed. Yet, according to rumour, there arrived for their use crates of official documents so secret that the crates had to be locked - together with a British officer as custodian - in a room at the Buxton police station. When asked about the authenticity of this rumour, the Conference's spokesman tried to laugh it off...

At least twenty-four of those who attended the Buxton meeting also attended that on St. Simons Island. Among these were John J. McCloy and David Rockefeller (both Chase Manhattan) and Paul Rykans, a Dutch banker and member of the Anglo-Dutch Trade Council and chairman of an "industrial development" organisation called MIDEC. One hundred and twenty European and six U.S. firms were in this organisation in 1960 for the purpose of "developing" the Middle East. One of the U.S. members of MIDEC was Rockefeller Centre Inc. Both David and Nelson Rockefeller have been and may still be members of the Council on Foreign Relations. James S. Rockefeller is or was the president of the First National City Bank of New York. Anybody who likes to get a Directory of Directors and a few dozen copies of the International Monetary Fund weekly will find plenty of evidence to indicate that a good deal of so-called "economic policy", whether in Washington or Indonesia, Australia or Sweden, emanates from a relatively small circle of interested parties.

The following is a list of the names of conspirators who attended the Buxton meeting. I use the word "conspirators" deliberately. Men pursuing purposes which will bear the light of day do not hold secret meetings in different parts of the world. The whole business could be treated as schoolboy silliness were it not for the fact that there emerged from such gatherings policies hostile to the traditional order of life...

J.H. Retinger (Hon. Secretary); Jo. E. Johnson (Hon. Secretary in the U.S.); Herman J. Abs, Germany; Dean Acheson, United States; Giovanni Agnelli, Italy; G.W. Ball, U.S.; Walworth Barbour, U.S.; Wilfred Baumgartner, France; Sir Edward Beddington-Behrens, U.K.; Berthold Beitz, Germany; Fritz Berg, Germany; Muharrem Nuri Birgi, Turkey; P.A. Blaisse , Netherlands; James C. Boden, Germany; Erik Boheman, Sweden; Max Brauer, Germany; Randolph W. Burgess, U.S.; Lewis Camu, Belgium; Guido Carli, Italy; Clifford P. Case, U.S.; Victor Cavendish-Bentick , U.K.; Sir Ralph Cochrane, U.K.; Erich Dethleffsen, Germany; Fritz Erler, Germany; John Ferguson , U.S.; H.T.N. Gaitskell, U.K.; Walter L. Gordon, Canada; Joseph Grimond, U.K.; Sir Colin Gubbins, U.K.; Walther Hallstein (Chairman, European Common Market Commission); Joseph C. Harsch, U.S.; Gabriel Hauge , U.S.; Denis Healey, U.K.; Michael A. Heilperin, U.S.; H. J. Heinz II, U.S.; Leif Hoegh, Norway; C.D. Jackson, U.S.; Viscount Kilmuir, U.K.; E.N. van Kleffens; Viscount Knollys, U.K.; Ole B. Kraft, Denmark; Thorkil Kristensen , Denmark; Giovanni F. Malagodi, Italy; John J. McCloy, U.S.; Geo. C. McGhee, U.S.; Philip E. Mosley , U.S.; Roger Motz, Belgium; Rudolf Mueller, Germany; Alfred C. Neal, U.S.; Geo. Nebolsine, U.S.; Paul H. Nitze, U.S.; David Ormsby-Gore, U.K.; P.F.S. Otten , Netherlands; P.N. Pipinelis, Greece, Alberto Pirelli, Italy; Pietro Quaroni, Italy; Sir Alfred Roberts, U.K.; David Rockefeller, U.S.; Michael Ross, U.S.; Jacques Rueff; Paul Rykans, Netherlands; Carlo Schmid, Germany; C.V.R. Schuyler ; J.L.S. Steele, U.K.; Terkel M. Terkelson, Denmark; Henry Tiarks , U.K.; Every A. Vermeer, Netherlands; Marc Wallenberg, Sweden; Otto Von Amerongen, Germany; Paul van Zeeland , Belgium; J.D. Zellerbach, U.S.

In 1961 an article in the Toronto Star Read as follows: "The Tenth Bilderberg Conference attended by seventy delegates from Europe and North America wound up yesterday after three days of discussion of common problems. Participants, whose names were not disclosed, included leaders of the political, industrial, labour and professional fields of both continents, an official statement said. Chairman of the meeting was Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, who left Quebec yesterday for home after making private visits to cities in Mexico, the U.S. and Canada. The statement said although the conference "followed the original Bilderberg concept of not attempting to reach conclusions or to recommend policies, there was substantial agreement on the need to promote better understanding and more effective co-ordination among the Western nations. Points of particular concern included the role of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation in world policy, the strengthening of both the nuclear and non-nuclear deterrent power of the alliance and the responsibility for control of atomic weapons inside Nato", the statement said. 'The implications for Western unity of the change in the relative economic strength of the U.S. and Western Europe also were discussed at some length.'" (pp. 197-205)

Professor Patrick Blackett, an ex-naval officer and nuclear physicist, received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1948. In 1932, Blackett had identified the electron with a positive charge, a discovery which built upon the former breakthroughs in physics, splitting of the atom and discovery of the neutron. These three discoveries laid the foundation for the development of nuclear weapons.  In 1945, the atomic bomb destroyed the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. In 1939, however, Parick Blackett had initiated the technique of Operational Research.  Discussed at length in Carroll Quigley's Tragedy and Hope was Blackett's application of a British philosophical doctrine called "rationalization" to the unpleasant realities of war.  The concept of "rationalization" had appeared at the end of the nineteenth century, at the same time the Rhodes-Milner secret eugenics society was formed.

As in so many other innovations, the introduction of rationalization into war was begun by the British and then taken over on an enormous scale, by the Americans. Its origin is usually attributed to the efforts of Professor P. M. S. Blackett (Nobel Prize 1948) to apply radar to antiaircraft guns. From there Blackett took the technique into antisubmarine defense whence it spread, under the name 'Operational Research' into many aspects of the War effort. In its original form, the Anti-Aircraft Command Research Group, known as "Blackett's Circus,"...was a mixed-team approach to operational problems, emphasizing an objective, analytical, and quantitative method. As Blackett wrote in 1941, "The scientist can encourage numerical thinking on operational matters, and so can help to avoid running the war on gusts of emotion.". . .
Rationalization of behavior, as represented in Operations Research, and the application of science to new weapons, as practiced by the English-speaking countries, were in sharp contrast with the methods of waging war used by the Tripartite aggressors. Hitler fought the war by basing his hopes on inspiration (his own) and will power (usually, refusal to retreat an inch); Mussolini tried to fight his war on rhetoric and slogans; the Japanese tried to gain victory by self-sacrifice and willingness to die. All three irrational methods were obsolete as compared with the Anglo-American method of rationalization and science.
First news of the success of Operations Research in Britain was brought to the United States by President Conant in 1940 and was formally introduced by Vannevar Bush [Freemason], as chairman of the New Weapons Committee of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, in 1942." (pp. 838, 842)
* * *

To say that Sir Anthony Wass Buzzard had connections in high places would be an enormous understatement. Sir Anthony W. Buzzard was also a knight in Her Majesty, the Queen of England's empire. This distinction is also indicated by the title of "Sir" which precedes Anthony F. Buzzard, whose honors additionally include nomination for the Templeton Prize for Progress in Religion in 1996. Sir John Marks Templeton, the founder of the Prize, won a Rhodes scholarship to Oxford University and was also knighted by Queen Elizabeth II in 1987 for his philanthropic efforts, which included his endowment of Templeton College, Oxford. On the staff of the Templeton Foundation are a high percentage of Oxford University graduates, including Executive Director and Senior Vice President Dr. Charles L. Harper, Jr.


Due to his involvement with the Discernment Ministries, which purport to be Christian and to expose the New World Order, Sir Anthony F. Buzzard seemed to warrant further investigation. A logical place to begin was the Worldwide Church of God in which Sir Anthony formerly held membership and employment for some time. The Worldwide Church of God was founded by Herbert W. Armstrong in 1934 as "The World Tomorrow" radio program with a magazine called The Plain Truth. The WCG was led by Herbert Armstrong and his son, Garner Ted Armstrong, prior to its transformation into an Evangelical denomination after highly publicized exposure of criminal and immoral activities.

Sir Anthony had informed me that he separated from the WCG when the denomination embraced orthodox doctrine and thereafter affiliated with the Church of God General Council, which maintained the Unitarian beliefs of the former WCG. A listing of the Worldwide Church of God - Organizational Splits states that Anthony Buzzard formed Restoration Fellowship in 1972, the year he left his teaching post at WCG Ambassador College. A publication of the Church of God, The Journal , still promotes the Garner Ted Armstrong Evangelistic Association and the Worldwide Church of God. [This COG website also interconnects a large network of Unitarian -- Nazarene, Sabbatarian, Hebrew Roots, Seventh Day Adventist and Jewish -- web sites.]

Anthony Buzzard wrote in The Journal : "I was in the WCG from 1960 to 1972 and taught music and biblical languages in Pasadena [Ambassador College at the WCG Headquarters] and Bricket Wood [College in England]." According to a 1978 BBC broadcast, Sir Anthony Buzzard was "a man who knew Herbert Armstrong well." In a publication titled the Ambassador Report, Sir Anthony explained Armstrong's "main ambition to meet top people around the world," such as the Queen of England, whom he considered to be the descendant of King David:

"He felt that if he could do that he would have preached the gospel to the nations through getting at their leaders and after that has been done it was his firm belief that the end of the world would come. I'm sure that to meet Her Majesty the Queen would be his ultimate ambition. He's always had a great love of England, and he would look upon the Queen as being a direct descendant of King David because he believes, or believed certainly when I knew him, that England and America are the descendants of the lost tribes of Israel, and therefore to meet the direct descendant of David would be the highest privilege he could think of." (Ambassador Report, 8/21/78)
An expose of the Worldwide Church of God, The Truth Shall Make You Free by John Tuit, describes a religious empire which extorted not one, but three, tithes (30% of income) from its members to support extravagant lifestyles for Herbert W. and Garner Ted Armstrong and a law firm of Jewish attorneys who controlled the WCG for twenty years. The most prominent of these was Stanley Rader, who with Herbert Armstrong "had gained access to the heads of state in at least a dozen world capitals." Former WCG member, John Tuit, who initiated the litigation and investigation of the denomination, wrote in 1981 of the power elites with whom Armstrong and Rader had connections, including members and even the founder of the Bilderberg Group:
"It is more than passing significance that Armstrong's original contacts were made through high-ranking members of the Japanese government. Perhaps the mysterious Osamu Gotoh's part in this will never be totally known. The Japanese, who have such a significant part in the Trilateral Commission, are also the very ones who have introduced Armstrong to many world leaders...
"Through the Ambassador International Cultural Foundation, Rader has established an institute for political research in Tokyo as well as a Society for Near Eastern Studies in Tokyo. There is a close relationship with King Leopold III of Belgium, who is one of the members of Prince Bernhard's Bilderberg Group. And there has also been very close contact with Prince Bernhard. Doctor Singh of the World Court also figures prominently in the Armstrong-Rader contacts." (The Truth Shall Make You Free, p. 289)
The Ambassador Report, which is dedicated to exposing the Worldwide Church of God, explained in its May 1991 issue the close relationship between Herbert Armstrong and the King of Belgium, a Bilderberger and former Nazi collaborator:
" is interesting to note HWA's long friendship with Leopold III of Belgium. According to the WN (Feb. 10, 1986, p. 2) Leopold was instrumental in arranging many of HWA's meetings with heads of state...Leopold had surrendered Belgium to the Nazis in 1940 and had refused to flee the country to set up a Belgian government-in-exile in France or England. He spent most of the war in Germany. One international relations expert told AR, 'Deep down Leopold was really a... fascist.'"
According to an Authorized Biography of H.R.H. Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, the founder of the Bilderbergers also enlisted in Adolf Hitler’s SS and was employed by the notorious I.G. Farben which financed Hitler.

The December 31, 1981 Ambassador Report published Herbert Armstrong's Nov. 27 letter to Plain Truth, which included his recent schedule of meetings with Zionist leaders: "A week ago yesterday, Thursday, November 19, I had a personal meeting with President Yitzak Navon of Israel in Jerusalem, and the night before I was guest of honor at the banquet hosted by Mayor Teddy Kollek of Jerusalem. Present also were former Mayor John Lindsay of New York City, and Jacob Rothschild of London." The May 30, 1983 Worldwide News reported that Armstrong's presence in Oxford, England. "While in England, HWA met with Leopold de Rothschild, Edmond de Rothschild, and other British royalty." [Ambassador Report, Sept. 1983]

Herbert Armstrong would occasionally boast that, following his visits with certain heads of state, their governments would mysteriously collapse:

"August 15, [1975] a man I knew--President Mujibur Rahman of Bangladesh--was shot and killed in a military coup. Sitting with us, when I visited President Rahman (then Prime Minister but actual head of state), was Khandaker Moshtaque Ahmed, Commerce Minister. Ahmed led the military coup and took over as head of the government.
"August, 1973, I was in Santiago, Chile (South America) to visit President Allende. Three weeks later, he was assassinated--machine gunned in the back--in the very room where I had the conference. Three weeks after I had visited Prime Minister Kittikachorn of Thailand and spoken in Bangkok before an audience which included Doctor Sanya, Rector of the University, a riot of 200,000 students overthrew the military government, and Prime Minister Kittikachorn fled to the United States.
"I had become well acquainted with Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia. Twice when I visited him in Addis Ababa he placed one of his personal limousines with chauffeur at my disposal for my entire stay. But the military forces took him prisoner and took over the government.
"Last July [1975] a bloodless coup overthrew the government of General Yakubu Gowon in Nigeria (Africa)." (Tuit, p. 26)
It is commonly known and reported by publications such as the Covert Action Information Bulletin that the assassination of Salvador Allende of Chile was an operation of the CIA. However, the CAIB also implicates another organization, Tradition, Family and Property (TFP) with ties to the Christian Right in the U.S., namely Paul Weyrich and Morton Blackwell, principals of the Council for National Policy, and other organizations represented in the CNP such as Christian Voice, Citizens Against Government Waste, Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.
"In Chile and other Latin American countries, the CIA helped finance the right-wing Tradition, Family and Property which played a role in the overthrow of both Allende in Chile and Goulart in Brazil. In many instances it pitted one sector of the Church against another." (CAIB, Winter 1983, p. 17)
Although the FBI and CIA had files on Herbert Armstrong and Stanley Rader, for the most part these were unavailable to inquirers, such as former WCG member, Gene Bailey. According to the May, 1991 Ambassador Report:
" CIA employee told Bailey that after each meeting with foreign leaders during the 1970s and early 1980s Herbert Armstrong and his Jewish attorney- accountant Stanley R. Rader had probably been debriefed by the CIA and that there would be files on those debriefings. But now, however -- months after being told by the government that the CIA had files on the WCG -- Bailey has been told by the CIA that no such files can be found!...
"Over the years, many noticed that in a number of cases, after HWA visited a country, that country's government would fall or there would be a major change of leadership. Examples: Ethiopia after HWA visited Haile Selassie, the Philippines after HWA visited Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos, India after HWA visited Indira Gandhi, and Egypt after HWA visited Anwar Sadat. (Some even recall how HWA was to have met with Allende of Chile but Allende was overthrown and killed -- CIA help many say -- shortly before HWA was to go to that country.)
"Because of the above coincidences (and perhaps because Rader was reported to have had friends in the White House during Republican administrations beginning with Nixon), some at WCG headquarters kidded that HWA or someone close to him was somehow being used by the CIA to bring down governments. While the idea sounds like something out of a spy novel, such a theory should not be dismissed out of hand." (Ambassador Report, May 1991)

Salvator Allende, who was murdered in the coup which installed General Augusto Pinochet, was a member of the Grand Orient Masonic Lodge.  In fact, Allende and Pinochet were members of the same Masonic Lodge.  An interesting and informative article on "The metaphysical roots of world politics" explains:

"According to specialist in Masonry L. Zamoisky:

"Among the Masons there exists a tactic called: 'always being in the eye of the developing hurricane'.  It means the infiltration of their people in fascist, communist, democratic, anarchist and other structures. By the way, each of the above-named 'isms' brought about colossal revolutionary upheavals.  Might they all have been just various attempts for a global change of the conception the development of humanity, and what's more, all under the control of one and the same force?

"Let's cite just one example: Both Salvador Allende and General Pinochet were members of the same Masonic lodge.  Given any outcome, one of 'theirs' was sure to end up in power.  It was known in advance that the loser would be sacrificed, cut off, like a dead branch..."

Rockefeller, Internationalist by Emmanuel Josephson tells the story of Emperor Haile Selassie's resistance to the Rockefeller oil racket, which prompted Rockefeller's agent, Mussolini to invade Ethiopia:

"The story of the Ethiopian War is that of another oily Rockefeller Crusade. It began on July 1, 1923, when the press announced that the Anglo-American Oil Co., a Standard Oil subsidiary, had obtained an exclusive oil concession in the northern half of the Harrar Province of Abyssinia. Nothing more was heard of this concession for more than a decade despite the urgent need of the Rockefeller interests for a source of oil for the Mediterranean basin that was close at hand and did not require costly haulage by tankers, from the far-off Gulf and Venezuelan ports, or from East India. Behind the scenes there raged a fierce diplomatic battle. For Ethiopia holds the source of the Nile and was regarded by the British Empire as one of its critical spheres of interest. It vigorously opposed permitting its deadly rival, the Rockefeller Empire, to gain a foothold there. Under pressure of the British, Haile Selassie denied permission to the Rockefeller interests to proceed with the development of the concession that had been given them.

"Following negotiations of Sir Francis Rickett, a director of Rockefeller's Socony Vacuum Oil So, with Mussolini, in which it is apparent that the Rockefeller interests assured Il Duce of supplies of oil for a war on Abyssinia in exchange for a thirty year monopoly of the Italian oil market and the ratification of their Ethiopian concession, as well as other considerations, border incidents on December 9, 1934, between Italian and Ethiopian troops, in connection with a dispute over the Italian Somalian frontier, served as a pretext for the waging by Italy of an undeclared war. In the midst of the war, on September 1, 1935, the press announced the text of an Ethiopian concession, negotiated by Sir Francis Rickett, to the African Exploration and Development Co., organized in 1933 as a subsidiary of the Socony Vacuum. The names of Mellon, Mitchell and Teagle were mentioned in connection with the deal, and in the following month, October 15, the press linked an Ethiopian arms order to the Rickett deal. This followed the traditional practise of the Rockefeller Empire, of playing all ends against the center. Shortly thereafter, the British, acting on behalf of the League of Nations, offered Haile Selassie a negotiated peace for surrender to the Italians of the oil-rich Fafan Valley in the Harrar Province---the original 1923 concession to the Rockefeller interests. This was rejected on December 12, 1935.

"In the meantime, belated economic sanctions were ordered by the League of Nations to go into effect November 18, 1935, and continued until July 15, 1936, after termination of the war. The Rockefeller empire, which had assured Mussolini in advance that no effective sanctions would be applied in respect to that absolute essential of modern war---oil---made good on its assurance. On December 4, 1935, the press announced that the Rockefeller interests would defy the League and supply Mussolini with oil from the Romanian fields; on December 12, Socony Vacuum announced the building of two refineries for Mussolini in Naples; and on January 8, 1936, it was announced that Italy might get oil from Germany. The Ethiopian oilfields are now controlled by the Rockefeller interests through the Sinclair Oil Corporation. The red that tints their end product, ethyl gasoline, might well be Italian and Ethiopian blood. " (Chedney Press, New York, 1952, pp. 202-3)

During the Italian invasion (1935-36) Haile Selassie personally led his troops against the enemy. He lived in exile in England until 1941, when he returned and claimed the throne.  After World War II he instituted social and political reforms, such as establishing a national assembly in 1955.  In September 1974, however, he was deposed by an army coup and arrested; and in August 1975, Selassie died under house arrest and questionable circumstances, and was secretly buried. 

It is noteworthy that the last monarch of this African nation, Haile Selassie, was a Coptic Christian who called himself the "Lion of Judah" and claimed direct descent from King Solomon of Israel. Rastafarians believe in the divinity of Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie I, referred to as "the most High" and "Jah," or God.  Accordingly Coptic Christianity, "Haile Selassie" means "Power of the Holy Trinity." (Covenant Rastafari)

The true reason for the demise and death of Emperor Haile Selassie may have been his non-compliance with the Zionist agenda. A book published in 2007 indicates that the overthrow of Haile Selassie was necessary for the Jews in Ethiopia, known as Falasha (exiles) and Beta Yisrael, to return to the State of Israel. Black Jews, Jews and Other Heroes: How Grassroots Activism Led to the Rescue of Ethiopian Jews identifies Beta Yisrael as the exiled tribe of Dan:

“NINTH CENTURY C.E. Earliest reference to Falashas appears in the diary of Eldad ha-Dani, a merchant and traveler claiming to have been a citizen of an autonomous Jewish state in eastern Africa, inhabited by the tribes of Dan, Naphtali, Gad, and Asher...

“SIXTEENTH CENTURY C.E. Rabbi David ibn Zimrah, known as Radbaz, issues a legal responsum in Cairo declaring that 'those who came from the Land of Cush (Ethiopia) are without doubt of the tribe of Dan...' This is a landmark decision for the Beta Yisrael. (p. 303)

“1632 Christians conquer Falasha kingdom after a four-hundred year period of warfare. The vanquished Falashas are sold as slaves, forced into baptism, and denied the right to own land, a status they hold until 1974 when Emperor Haile Selassie (“The Holy Trinity”) is overthrown.“  (p. 304)

“Haile Selassie broke relations with Israel under Arab pressure triggered at the time of the 1973 Yom Kippur War...“ (p. 31)

Our research documents that the tribe of Dan will produce the Antichrist.  For further information, see: “The Lost Tribe of Dan” and Barack Obama & the Priory of Sion.

In 1979, Mr. John Tuit and other church officials brought a class action suit against the various WCG entities for "siphoning off the property and assets of the Church and appropriating them to their own personal use and benefit on a massive scale amounting to several million dollars per year." (Tuit, p. 186) A reporter with the Los Angeles Times, invited to write the story, was removed from the assignment due to the newspaper's (i.e., CFR) interest in protecting the WCG:

Ambassador College, in conjunction with the Kress Foundation, has been engaged in archeological expeditions in Syria. Franklin Murphy, the chairman of the Board of the Kress Foundation, was the former Chancellor of the University of California, Los Angeles, and is now chairman of the Board of the Times Mirror Corporation, publishers of the Los Angeles Times. Franklin Murphy is also a member of the Council of Foreign Relations. The pieces fit very well here as this begins to explain why Bert Mann, the reporter for the Los Angeles Times, was pulled off the receivership story in January 1979. While the story was prominently featured in the Pasadena papers, it was buried in the back pages of the Times. (The Truth Shall Make You Free, p. 289)
What was left of the Worldwide Church of God after public exposure of massive corruption -- criminal fraud, obstruction of justice, bribery, abject immorality at the highest levels and cult-like control and abuse of church members -- changed its doctrinal statement to resemble the formerly-labeled "Satanic" Protestant churches.  This superficial reform conveniently qualified WCG to join the apostate National Association of Evangelicals (NAE).

[Note: It was the NAE which revived the World Evangelical Fellowship (WEF) from the "dying embers" of Great Britain's Evangelical Alliance (EA) which was founded in Freemason's Hall, headquarters of the the United Grand Lodge of England, in 1846.  For background material on this unholy alliance, the reader is referred to: The Masonic Roots of the EA/WEF/NAE and An Interlinear History of the NAE/WEF & Lausanne.]

Joseph W. Tkach, who succeeded Herbert Armstrong in 1986, was Stanley Rader's lieutenant and had been ordained with Rader and his accomplice Ellis LaRavia in their 1979 emergency attempt to maintain control of the Worldwide Church of God.  There are references in sermons by WCG evangelist, Gerald Waterhouse, to Tkach having been "born of the right lineage" and "a physical Levite." Joseph Tkach, like his predecessor, "maintain[ed] contacts with the rich and powerful. [In 1988], for instance, Tkach and his entourage attended private receptions for the Duke and Duchess of York ('Andy and Fergy') at the Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles and aboard the royal yacht Britannia (WN , 3/28/88, p. 1) Joseph W. Tkach's son, Joseph Tkach, Jr., became president of the Worldwide Church of God in 1995. [Ambassador Report, March 1989]

An ally of the Worldwide Church of God throughout its demise was the Faith Center Church of W. Eugene Scott , who still preaches the doctrine of British-Israel that was popularized by Herbert W. Armstrong.  It was the Los Angeles attorney general's investigation of Scott's misuse of funds in 1978 that prompted members of the Worldwide Church of God to request an investigation of their own church.

Rader's attempts to woo the public, though mostly futile, have resulted in at least one alliance. HWA has for years branded all churches other than his own as being "Satan's churches." However, Stanley Rader, along with Ralph Helge, recently appeared on the "Festival of Faith," a controversial religious television program hosted by media-minister Gene Scott. (In Los Angeles, "Festival of Faith" is telecast almost around the clock on Scott's own station, KHOF, channel 30.) Scott, a former financial consultant to Oral Roberts, is himself under investigation by both the attorney general and the FCC over financial dealings. Rader, of course, had nothing but kind words for Scott as both pledged their mutual support in fighting the attorney general. (Ambassador Report, 6/1/79)

Victims of the Worldwide Church of God and its offshoots number into the thousands. These are men, women and children who have been spiritually and emotionally abused through the cultic control of Herbert Armstrong and his mysterious handlers. According to the Exit & Support Network (ESN), many former WCG members are now questioning the Bible and are being led into agnostic, atheist, and New Age thought.  The purpose of ESN is to lead victims of the WCG through their pain and suffering to the great Healer, Jesus Christ.  There is much worthwhile material on the Exit & Support Network web site and a support group of Christians who are former WCG members themselves, whose ministry is to assist fellow victims to put into Biblical perspective the shattered pieces of their past.  ESN also provides current information documenting the Worldwide Church of God's Faulty Orthodoxy