UPDATE: A Crowning at the Capitol Creates a Stir

New York Times (USA), June 24, 2004

WASHINGTON, June 23 - As a shining symbol of democracy, the United States capital is not ordinarily a place where coronations occur. So news that the Rev. Sun Myung Moon, the eccentric and exceedingly wealthy Korean-born businessman, donned a crown in a Senate office building and declared himself the Messiah while members of Congress watched is causing a bit of a stir.

One congressman, Representative Danny K. Davis, Democrat of Illinois, wore white gloves and carried a pillow holding one of two ornate gold crowns that were placed on the heads of Mr. Moon and his wife, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, at the ceremony, which took place March 23 and capped a reception billed as a peace awards banquet...

Video of Crowning of Sun Myung Moon as "King of Peace" at U.S. Senate Building


Sun Myung Moon/Unification Church Front Groups
and Christian Right Political Leadership

EFF BAKER PROGRAM - September 4, 1997

Guest Host Kelleigh Nelson Interviewing Chey Simonton
Caller: Angie Carlson of Amerinet/Baker Network

KELLEIGH: Good evening, America. This is Kelleigh Nelson and I'm sitting in this evening for Jeff Baker. The station called the afternoon, Jeff had some emergency situations he had take care of, and asked me if I would sit in. So, I called a good friend of mine. Her name is Chey Simonton. Chey will be joining us about 15 or 20 minutes after the hour. Chey has done hours and hours of research into Sun Myung Moon and his affiliations along with his connections which are very strong to the religious right, the conservative right, all of those people that you know and hear everyday on the radio and in politics. So, we'll be having Chey join us in a little bit.

Tonight, we're going to talk about Sun Myung Moon with Chey Simonton… I want Chey to give a quote from Mother Jones Magazine called, "Unholy Alliance" written by Carolyn Weaver what Sun Myung Moon said if we don't join what Sun Myung Moon wants to do with the world. Chey, welcome.

CHEY: Hi, Kelleigh, how are you?

KELLEIGH: I'm fine, glad you could make it! I hope everyone will stick their tape recorders on because this will be some really juicy information.

CHEY: Well, this is as you said, from the article "Unholy Alliance" by Carolyn Weaver that was published in the January, 1986 Mother Jones Magazine. I'll give you some quick background. It details the letter written by, dictated by Tim LaHaye, a thank you letter to Colonel Bo Hi Pak of the Washington Times, 2nd in command to Rev. Moon, for a sizable contribution to American Coalition for Traditional Values.

KELLEIGH: Which is Tim LaHaye's organization.

CHEY: Yes. It also mentions Concerned Women for America. The author, Carolyn Weaver, gives a direct quote from one of Moon's books at the end of the article. This is from Rev. Sun Myung Moon's book, "The Master Speaks",

"My dream is to organize a Christian political party including the Protestant denominations, Catholics and all the religious sects. Then the communist power will be helpless before ours. We have to purge the corrupted politicians and the sons of God must rule the world. The separation between religion and politics is what Satan likes most. ...Upon my command to the Europeans and others throughout the world to come live in the U.S., wouldn't they obey me? Then what would happen? We can embrace the religious world in one arm and the political world in the other. With this great ideology, if you are not confident to do this, you had better die!"

KELLEIGH: Yeah... and if he gains total control which he's doing very quickly....I know the guy's got to die, he's not going to live forever. But, if he does continue with this control, isn't he part and parcel of the New World Order?

CHEY: Well, he is because he plays to the conservative, the politically conservative Christians and provides the Washington Times newspaper and networks very strongly with Christian activists and Christian pastors through all these front groups, and on the other hand, he also funded and networked with all the eastern religions and the very liberal.... On the Internet you can find one of his web sites promoting the U.N. Habitat II Conference that was held in Istanbul last year. So he is working both sides very avidly.

KELLEIGH: He wants to join them together.

CHEY: Umhum. That's what "unification" is all about. Unify everything under a big world religion. He financed the World Parliament of Religions that included the Covenant of Isis and all of these Theosophical Society groups and Christian Groups. Some of the Baptist churches participated in that. So, it's a very, very dangerous thing.

KELLEIGH: I'm not surprised with the Baptist churches because of there are so many Freemasons within the Baptist church and the core of Sun Myung Moon and freemasonry is very similar.

CHEY: That's true, although freemasonry is broader than just being confined to the Baptist church. But, I know that the Southern Baptist Convention identified over half a million freemasons and there was a big issue within their church on whether they should allow freemasonry, members of freemasonry to be church members. They do have this "great architect of the universe" mentality and recognize plurality of religions that spans from Christianity through all the eastern religions and Buddhism and Hindus and Shintos and many, many different religious organizations that, Biblically, Christians are told not to fellowship with. It's a matter of being unequally yoked with unbelievers.

KELLEIGH: Right. We're to be separate because those are pagan gods that they're worshipping.

CHEY: It's not surprising that Moon espouses that. He is into self-glorification and his followers are involved in things to glorify their True Father, Moon. However, Christians have other loyalties and glorifying Moon is not to be thought of. We are to glorify God and Jesus Christ, our Savior.

KELLEIGH: Then why is it that all of the Christian Right, who claim to be Christian, have gotten sucked in by Sun Myung Moon? Is it strictly because of the money or is it because of his rhetoric or is it both?

CHEY: I would say he adapts his rhetoric. He's very good at marketing and you adapt your rhetoric to whatever target group you are targeting. He does make very large amounts of money available and people whose political goals have superceded their Christian beliefs are very tempted by that money. I think they're willing to compromise. They put their Bible in their pocket when they stick their hand out to Rev. Moon. Of course, the love of money is the root of all evil. So, it is a very serious thing. I think the most indicative thing is the fact that if they were comfortable with being associated with Moon, they would be publicly, they would be having him as a guest on their radio shows and promoting him as they do all the other people in the conservative movement.

KELLEIGH: Right. But, they don't, do they?

CHEY: No, publicly they are not trumpeting that alliance they have with him. However, they are quietly cooperating and they do participate in his events. I think that they prefer that they don't get any media recognition for that. But, you know, in railing against media all of the time, you know the buzzword is "the liberal media bias". But, liberal journalists whether they're Christian or not, understand what the Bible says and what Christians are supposed to stand for. And, they understand what Moon says and what Moon is supposed to stand for. They can see the blatant hypocrisy in Christian political figures working with Moon. Those Christian people have destroyed their testimony, their Christian testimony, with the media. Possibly their political testimony is okay. But, the liberal media is perfectly right to judge them as hypocrites.

KELLEIGH: And they have.

CHEY: Yes, they have.

KELLEIGH: When somebody today says to me they are Christian, I don't mean to sneer; but, I have to ask them where they stand because a lot of people that aren't Christians call themselves Christian. There are a lot of people that say, "Well, all you have to do is just love Jesus." Well, the Buddhists and the Hindus and all the rest of them consider Jesus a prophet and they love him, too. But that doesn't mean that he is their savior. And there's a big different there, don't you think.

CHEY: Yes, there is. Moon claims that Jesus appeared to him in 1935 at Easter time and explained in a vision that Jesus had failed in his mission and asked Moon to assume the position as the True Father and lead the world to salvation because Jesus' death on the cross and resurrection did not accomplish any kind of a salvation for the world. So, Moon graciously took on that mantle from poor failed Jesus.

So, when you look at.... well, Tim LaHaye is a pastor, I believe he's a Baptist pastor. Robert Grant is a pastor. Jerry Falwell upheld him in the 80s. I don't know what his position is right now; but, when Moon first came to this country he was widely recognized as a cult. People were trying to rescue their children from the Unification Cult.

KELLEIGH: I remember that in the 60s there were several children of my mother's friends and my mother would tell me, "Oh, they've gotten into the Moonies and the parents are having them rescued out." There was a neighbor across the street, there were cars, Moonie cars, trying to get the child back for weeks on end. It was really considered bad, bad news.

CHEY: Walter Martin identified them in his book, THE KINGDOM OF THE CULTS. Bob Larson wrote about the Unification Church in his book on the cults. It is on the Internet now. If you go into the anti-cult sites.....


KELLEIGH: I'm Kelleigh Nelson. I'm sitting in for Jeff Baker tonight. Our guest is Chey Simonton. We're discussing Sun Myung Moon and his affiliation with the Christian Right and his desire for his own New World Order. Chey, continue and please us folks who have computers where they can find these spots on the Internet.

CHEY: They're very widely spread across the Internet. There is a Unification Church official web page. It's As a search, you can use, "Sun Myung Moon" and there are many, many sites that come up on that search word. "Unification Church".

It's widely spread across the Internet and you can put in any of those search words or go to the official Unification web page. It's very interesting. It has a compilation of all Moon's speeches going back to the 1950s. He's not hiding anything. He's wide, upfront and open. You read his speeches and you understand what he is about. The one that to me was the most shocking, he delivered at the Family Federation for Peace, a big 3 day seminar a year ago at the end of July, 1996 for three days, finishing on August 1, 1996. He delivered a speech about his theology on sexual organs. He feels that Jesus should have married and because Jesus did not marry, Jesus failed; that in order to enter the Kingdom of God, the Kingdom of Heaven, you must be married under the blessing of Rev. Sun Myung Moon. The offspring of a marriage that he has blessed will be sinless. There will be no original sin in children born under marriages that he has blessed. He invites everyone to join, so they can register in the Kingdom of Heaven, in the big marriage blessing ceremony coming up in November of this year. He's anticipating 3.6 million couples via satellite. He's going to hold this mass marriage blessing in RFK Stadium.

Other participants who were paid speakers at that event included Beverly LaHaye of Concerned Women for America, Gary Bauer of the Family Research Council, Rev. Robert Schuller of the Crystal Cathedral. Pat Boone provided the entertainment. Bill Cosby, when he found out that it was a Unification Church function, tried to decline to appear. They threatened him with a lawsuit. This function was sponsored by The Washington Times Foundation which is an adjunct to The Washington Times Newspaper that is always promoted by Christian political activists as the "conservative" Washington Times, never as the Unification Church-owned Washington Times.

Also, Ralph Reed of the Christian Coalition was a paid speaker at that event.

KELLEIGH: We know Ralph Reed is an adherent to Moon because in his book that came out, don't ask me the name of it because I don't know what it is, but it came out last October or November. He gave glowing reports in that book about Dr. Robert Grant and American Freedom Coalition. Dr. Robert Grant is a member of the Council For National Policy and American Freedom Coalition is a Moon front-organization within the Christian Right circles and the members of the Council For National Policy are widely known; James Dobson, Gary Bauer, Phyllis Schlafly, Don Wildmon. Jerry Falwell was a member at one time. I don't believe he is anymore. But, Pat Robertson, Nelson Bunker Hunt, all the names that you would know in the Christian Right that most uninformed Americans out there consider conservative. Isn't that right?

CHEY: Yes. You know, when Dr. Robert Grant... his official stand on it. This is an article that he wrote to the Washington Post on October 29, 1989 rebutting an article that identified him, the American Freedom Coalition as a Moon front-group said,

"I am not now nor have I ever been a follower of Reverend Moon or a member of the Unification Church. I am an evangelical Christian trained at the Fuller Theological Seminary who belongs to Christ and to no one else.... of course, those few individuals who I knew to be Unificationists, I have found them to be decent hardworking and talented men and women who agree with my and the AFC traditional values platform and political philosophy..."

So, he found common ground on traditional values and political philosophy and denies being a follower of Rev. Moon; but, does admit in the article that he had received $5,252,473.00 from Unification Church business interests.

KELLEIGH: Yes, and this was printed in October 1989 and that was only in two years. He was stating that he'd received those funds since April of 1987. So in two years he had received over 5 million dollars from Moon.

CHEY: ...and had no problem with it and denied that he was allied with Moon. He is a pastor.

KELLEIGH: It was clear in David Racer's book, NOT FOR SALE, because Racer was involved in this. There are many statements in that book that tell the truth about AFC. Hang on, we'll be right back.


KELLEIGH: We're talking about Sun Myung Moon and his affiliation with the Christian Right. Chey, I want you to go on and tell about Moon's speech that appeared in the Denver Post in January of this year. I know it's really filthy and, I know it's difficult to repeat this stuff over the radio. We don't even like saying what the man said. Yet, the man said it in front of countless of the Christian Right hierarchy.

CHEY: Yes, there were 1,500 people in that audience. Before I do that though, Kelleigh, I thought it would be interesting to go through and quote some more from that article by Pastor Robert Grant, the head of the American Freedom Coalition because in admitting that he had obtained over 5 million dollars from Unification business interests he says,

"To gain their support, I have occasionally gone to those interests and presented my proposals. No one has ever come to me and offered to support the American Freedom Coalition on a quid pro quo basis. Furthermore, any future support solicited by me from any source whatever, will never be conditional."

Then he also says in this article.

"The balance of our revenues have been derived from television programming, direct mail, subscriptions and other literature sales. Our tax returns are a matter of public record. Of the more than 900,000 people on our mailing list and more than 300,000 individuals who are financial contributors to the AFC, no more than 75 or 80 are known to me to be members of the Unification Church."

Now, what I would like to say is looking at vast amount of funding that he has received from, admitted that he's received from Moon affiliated organizations, when he was sending his mailings out to these 900,000 people, if he was indicating that in joining his group they would be joining a group with someone who was comfortable presenting proposals to Col. Bo Hi Pak of The Washington Times and The Washington Times Foundation for financial support. I have a feeling that the Unification Church tie with the American Freedom Coalition was not something that he chose to disclose to people he was soliciting for membership in the American Freedom Coalition. When people join those organizations, very often they think of those contributions as tithes. Co-mingling money that you think of as a tithe to an organization headed by a pastor, and to think that this pastor was also going to worshipers of Rev. Sun Myung Moon is blasphemous to most Christians.

KELLEIGH: That's right. As a matter of fact, talking about his fundraising, we might mention the Colonel North Letter that was sent out by Dr. Robert Grant of American Freedom Coalition. It was regarding, actually let me read a few paragraphs of this. It says,

"Dear Fellow American:

Colonel North indicted, to be tried and jailed? What do you think? Is Colonel Oliver North a hero or a criminal? Here's your chance to give your views. First, fill out your enclosed national opinion poll and return it to me for tabulation today. Frankly, if you feel Colonel North is a criminal and should be jailed, we'll just have to disagree. But, if you agree with President Reagan that he's a TRUE AMERICAN HERO (emphasis added) you can also sign the enclosed letter of support for Colonel North during his dark hour."

And, of course, you can send in money to help support him. That was the whole gist of the letter. But, along the side of the front page of the letter are listed board members and National Advisory board members. I think it would be pertinent to the conversation here to go through some of those if you would, Chey.

CHEY: On the board of the American Freedom Coalition mailing that has received over 5 million dollars of Unification Church, Sun Myung Moon affiliated money is Richard Ichord, a congressman from Missouri; Bob Wilson, a congressman from California; Robert Grant who was the president; Dr. Ralph Abernathy; Mr. Richard Viguerie was the Secretary of the American Freedom Coalition. He is the direct mail guru who very likely composed and put this letter out.

KELLEIGH: Wasn't it Sun Myung Moon who bailed him out when he was about to go bankrupt?

CHEY: Yes. The Unification Church affiliate.....


KELLEIGH: Chey, I want you to continue with this Colonel North letter, but, I do want to tell the audience that at some point, you will put together a little booklet on Moon and all of these documents that you've collected. When that happens, we'll make sure the listeners know where they can get a copy of it.

CHEY: Well, now you've put me under the gun. I'll have to get that booklet put together.

Now, what people need to remember is that the American Freedom Coalition was funded with over 5 million dollars of Sun Myung Moon money. Most of the members that are listed here also belong to something that is always referred to as a "conservative educational group promoting Judeo-Christian values" called the Council for National Policy. Included on this Moon-funded group are Dr. Ben Armstrong of the National Religious Broadcasters Association; Rev. James Bevel who now, or was a few years ago, associated with the LaRouche organization; Brent Bozell III; Dr. Joseph Churuba; Don DeFore, the actor from Hazel, and on his resume with the Council for National Policy he had listed himself as a 33rd degree mason; Colonel Doner who originated Christian Voice, a Moon-controlled precursor to.... it was after the Moral Majority but before the Christian Coalition, there was an organization called Christian Voice that was under the domination of Unification Church members and they had Christians going out being the public relations speakers but they were controlled and financed by Unification Church organizations. Colonel Doner, in an article I have here somewhere, laughingly explained to the report that he coined the term "traditional values" that the Christian Right loves and that "traditional values" means absolutely nothing. It means whatever anybody thinks it means. And that has been the battle cry of the Christian Right, that we must have "traditional values". He laughed about that.

KELLEIGH: Actually, somewhere I read that the actual person who coined that phrase goes all the way back to Nietzsche.

CHEY: That's possible. Colonel Doner does take credit for it though.

KELLEIGH: Well, there's a picture in the book about homosexuality in the Nazi Party and there's Boehm and Hitler standing in front of a statue of Nietzsche who they really loved.


KELLEIGH: Right, that's it! Thank you very much.

CHEY: Do you want me to go on with this?

KELLEIGH: I think we're at the top of the hour and it will be just a couple of minutes.


Chey, I really did want to go through a few more of these because the majority of them are Council For National Policy members which was started in 1981 to be a counter for the Council On Foreign Relations yet in the 1988 membership list there were four CFR members in the CNP, the Christian Right group. So it says to me that they were mixing and mingling back at the very beginning.

(Referring to the Oliver North letter) Down here on the bottom there are a few more that I think you ought to run through. This honorable H.L. Richardson, Bill Richardson, California State Senate. He's a member of the Council for National Policy, too. What I wanted to say about him is that he is, he's right on this letter as a National Advisory Board member of American Freedom Coalition. H.L. Richardson is the foundation head for Gun Owners of America. H.L. Richardson actually started G.O.A. and Larry Pratt works for H.L. Richardson. Now, H.L. Richardson made a statement that it didn't matter if they had an organization that supported all the blonde women.....


Chey, I'm sorry I forget that at the top of the hour are two real close together commercials. I forgot, my fault.

I want to finish up with H.L. Richardson. He made the statement that it didn't matter what they got a group together for, for the grassroots to come together and support, as long as they felt that they were doing something. That tells me an awful lot. Not only that but, H. L. Richardson, Bill Richardson, backed Robert O. Anderson for head of the NRA's Whittington Center. Robert O. Anderson happens to be not only Club of Rome, CFR and Trilateralists, but, very involved with the Aspen Institute. He is not a nice boy! So, I have to wonder what the real cause of Bill Richardson, now this is H.L. Richardson, he is different from the other Bill Richardson, he was a California State Senator. This fella is still the foundation head of Gun Owners of America and is still Larry Pratt's boss. That tells me an awful lot right there, don't you think?

CHEY: Oh, I think so.

KELLEIGH: And both of them are CNP members!

CHEY: Now just below him (on Ollie North letter) we have the one very openly Unification Church affiliated man, Phillip Sanchez who was the president of CAUSA, an openly Unification Church group in the 1980s. They did all expenses paid junkets for journalists and politicians and political activists, anybody they could get to go on various various junkets. They provided all transportation and every expense was paid for by the Unification Church.

Then we have an interesting one down here. Dr. Donald Sills with the Coalition for Religious Freedom which is another Moon-backed front group. He is a Presbyterian pastor from California who sat on the board of another Unification Church front group.

Then, of course, there's General John Singlaub. Everyone remembers him from the Iran/Contra affair who was closely affiliated with Ollie North. Obviously, Oliver North was a member of the Council for National Policy and John Singlaub is a member of the Council for National Policy.

Then below that we have Dr. Cleon Skousen, a former FBI agent, was a speaker nationally for CAUSA, the Moon affiliated group. He spoke all over the country. He also was a member of the Council For National Policy.

KELLEIGH: Not only that, he still runs with all of these people, so does his son. Plus, he is pro-Constitutional Convention which many of these people within the Council For National Policy are.

CHEY: That's true.

KELLEIGH: Including Michael Farris. This whole Advisory Board and board members reads like a Who's Who of the Christian Right supporting Ollie North. We've heard on countless radio shows exposed by a number of men who were insiders and have come out and told us the truth about what Ollie North was really doing, and Mena and the whole situation. Here is a Moon front organization asking for money for a fellow CNPer, Ollie North.

CHEY: And Oliver North is now on Christian radio as a talk radio political host. So, what we call that is "strange bedfellows." These men are participating in political movements supposedly based on their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and affiliating with Moon. Reading his theology he would have to be identified as an antichrist, not THE ANTICHRIST, but "an antichrist" which I can verify by reading this speech that he gave.

I need to explain, he is very proud of this speech. He gave it first of all August 1, 1996 in Washington D.C. as the final speech of a 3 day seminar for the Family Federation for World Peace. The participants were Beverly LaHaye, Pat Boone, Robert Schuller, Ralph Reed, Gary Bauer of the Family Research Council. This was the final speech. It was reprinted in the Denver Post on January 6, 1997 as a paid advertisement of the Unification Church.

KELLEIGH: And you can get if off the Internet, too.

CHEY: It's on the Unification Church web site. August 1, 1996 the web site location is

KELLEIGH: You should all go look at it because it's really unbelievable!

CHEY: I'll read some excerpts. It's a very long speech. I have to preface, this is the most disgusting abomination of blasphemy to a Christian, to anyone who believes that the Bible is the truth, is the word of God. He says:

"God wants a love partner. Thus, centering on the place where husband and wife become one through their sexual organs, God wants to appear and meet us."

KELLEIGH: Hang on, Chey, we'll start it over when we get back.


This is Kelleigh Nelson sitting in for the Jeff Baker Show this evening. My guest is Chey Simonton and she is about to read a speech that Moon is very, very proud of that was attended many of the Christian Right. If any of you have any questions about anyone in particular or anything we've discussed, call in on 1-888-544-8255 or 888-37-RADIO.

Chey, go ahead with this. I think it's really important for people to understand where Moon's theology really lies.

CHEY: Moon, in another speech he gave to The Washington Times, urged all of the employees of The Washington Times to read this speech once for each year of their life. If they're 80 years old, they should read it 80 times!

"God wants a love partner, centering on the place where husband and wife become one through their sexual organs, God wants to appear and meet us...I wish you would center on the absolute sexual organ, unique sexual organ, unchanging sexual organ and eternal sexual organ and use this as your foundation to pursue God...We have to realize that the Kingdom of God on earth and in heaven will begin on this foundation."

KELLEIGH: Blasphemy!

CHEY: And he ends with an invitation, "I sincerely hope that each of you will participate in the next marriage blessing of 3,600,000 couples. By doing so, you will form a true family that can register in the Kingdom of God on earth."

KELLEIGH: See, we can't even tell them what else is in this. They'll have to go into the Internet and read it themselves because it's personal bodily habits that he discusses in front of all of these people that you don't even discuss with your closest friend! It's disgusting!

CHEY: He also says, "Christians entrap us, crying heresy because our doctrines differ and they try to destroy us, but in this case, the so-called heretical cult is on the side of truth." Then he goes on to say:

"Rev. Moon is the first person to provide the answers because Rev. Moon is the only one who knows all the secrets of God. You have to realize that Rev. Moon overcame death hundreds of times in order to find this path. Rev. Moon is the person who brought God to tears hundreds of times. No one in history has loved God more than the Rev. Moon has. That is why even if the world tries to destroy me, the Rev. Moon will never perish. It is because God protects me. If you step into the realm of truth Rev. Moon teaches, you will also gain God's protection."

KELLEIGH: Sick and twisted. How old is Moon, do you know?

CHEY: I believe he's about 76. He's on his fourth marriage.

KELLEIGH: Yeah, and he channels to his dead son. We ought to talk about that!

CHEY: He portrays himself and his wife as the True Parents of everyone on planet Earth. In order to have salvation, you must be married under his marriage blessing. That is, to him, salvation.

Now, they use words and terms that sound comfortable to Christians. They talk about the marriage feast but they're not speaking of the bride of Christ and that marriage feast, they're talking about this mass marriage blessing that Rev. Moon bestows on everyone who seeks his approval of their marriage. Then if you do that, you will have sinless offspring.

KELLEIGH: That word twisting is an age old Marxist-Communist tactic. Everybody out there that's listened to talk radio knows that!

I was just looking for my Masculine Journey, by Robert Hicks. This book was given out by Promise Keepers, 50,000 copies. The backing of this book has never been rescinded by the people behind Promise Keepers. It has a chapter called "The Phallic Man". It's very similar to this Moon theology and it fits right into the whole core of many of the secret societies. They're based on the phallic symbol and that includes freemasonry.

CHEY: The identify Jesus Christ as a "phallic male" and I believe in that book, urge men to worship Christ, Jesus Christ, as "phallic males".

KELLEIGH: That's right. I picked up a copy in a used bookstore because I had heard this was such a blasphemous book and it contained all this filth. Sure enough, there it was! So, I ordered two more copies so I could give it to other friends to prove that what has been said about it is absolutely true. Unfortunately, we have to keep a lot of these books from what we classify as the enemy in our libraries, simply to prove and document that what we're saying is absolutely the truth.

CHEY: I understand Promise Keepers tried to back off that book when they realized how offensive it was and they were getting criticized for it. I think that Promise Keepers, as a ecumenical shepherding movement, puts discernment on the back burner. I think the best news I've heard is that attendance is down at these big, mass rallies that they have. But, enough of Promise Keepers, do you want to talk about more stuff that was on the Moon Internet thing?

KELLEIGH: Sure, go ahead!

CHEY: Well, I found it interesting... if you put in a search word, "Marriage Rededication Blessing" is a search you can go on any of the search engines on the Internet and you put that in, it will pull you to a web site run by a Unification family called the Belfort family. They're promoting the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification, a Moon organization. On their web site they offer to come personally to your home to perform a marriage rededication blessing for you in the privacy of your living room. They also invite you to participate in the big mass marriage blessing that will be performed this November by Rev. and Mrs. Moon.

Then going on down, it gives some other items you can pull up linked to their web page. There is a True Family Values series and "family values" is a Unification theology term and we just read to you what "family values" meant in that sexual organ speech that Rev. Moon gave. It's feature article spells it out, it's from the Family Research Council which is Gary Bauer. Gary was a speaker at the Family Federation for World Peace Seminar. He very likely sat through the sexual organ speech that Moon gave. He's featured now, a year later, on a Unification Church web page and he is the lobbying arm for Focus on the Family, Dr. James Dobson's group. Dr. Dobson's son works for Gary Bauer at the Family Research Council in Washington D.C. Dr. Dobson's son is a speaker to Youth groups and Gary Bauer, who was in the Reagan administration, is featured on a Unification Church web page. I've heard Gary Bauer use the "family values" rhetoric and heard him use the "traditional values" rhetoric and I have heard him use a lot of the buzzwords that Christian conservatives have become comfortable listening to. I have never heard his Christian testimony. I do not know if he believes that Jesus Christ is his Lord and Savior.

KELLEIGH: Well, he may be a Moonie.

CHEY: That's very difficult to determine. They mention The Washington Times weekly newspaper which is owned by Rev. Sun Myung Moon. It is staffed by Christians who are aware that their boss is the Unification Church. It is promoted as "the conservative" newspaper that everyone should subscribe to. Dr. Dobson has made references to the "conservative" Washington Times. Don McAlvany references the "conservative" Washington Times.

Just recently in August, the highest ranking Unification Church member staffer resigned from The Washington Times because she had a new position. She is now the president and CEO of Empower America. Obviously, that is Bill Bennett who is also with the Heritage Foundation and Jack Kemp who is also a fellow at the Heritage Foundation.

KELLEIGH: And a member of the CNP and a 33rd degree mason.

CHEY: Lamar Alexander and Jean Kirkpatrick. It will be interesting. This is a new change. Empower America is now controlled at the top by a Unification Church member whose purpose in life is to glorify Rev. Sun Myung Moon.

KELLEIGH: And the connections are so many because Jeannie Kirkpatrick of Empower America formerly had Madeleine Albright's job at the U.N. She trained Alan Keyes who is a member of the Council For National Policy. She is a CFR member. It's all interconnected. It just flows, they flow together. It's one big basket of snakes!

CHEY: Well, it will be interesting to see, now that they have a Unification Church member as their top official, who opts to leave Empower America. Who will speak out against this or will Jack Kemp and Lamar Alexander and Bill Bennett remain the "christian" talking heads?


KELLEIGH: We have a caller on the line who I know will be very interesting. It's Angie Carlson from California. I had another call while we were on break on my other line asking a couple questions so don't let me forget to ask you those. We'll take Angie now if she's on the line.

ANGIE: Hi, Kelleigh! This is an excellent, most informative broadcast. I thank you so very, very much for bringing Chey on. Chey, bless you for divulging all this information. It's amazing that even those of us who work so deeply in divulging and informing to know so little of certain things. What I would like to again repeat, did you say that the Center for National Policy and the Christian Freedom Coalition are Moon fronts?

CHEY: American Freedom Coalition. The Christian Coalition's Ralph Reed did participate in that Family Federation for World Peace event that was...

ANGIE: World Parliament, right.

KELLEIGH: Joanie Veon.

CHEY: Rev. Moon's group, let's see what is it called, Interreligious something...

ANGIE: Chey, I sure hope you'll write something about this and get it out to us.

CHEY: Yeah, I'm working on it. Actually, I first came across that in a Moon-published book from Paragon House which is a Unification Church-owned publishing company, that through his Interreligious foundation, he had sponsored the Chicago 1993 World Parliament of Religions.

ANGIE: That speech you're talking about, I just went in the Net, it's called IN SEARCH OF THE ORIGIN OF THE UNIVERSE, August 1, right? I just read part of it. It is absolutely disgusting, in fact, its nauseating! And I want to send it out with some of my messages because I have many hundreds of people on my list that I forward information to.

What about Eagle Forum? You didn't mention Phyllis Schlafly. I can't remember what organization you said she was involved in, receiving money or she went to a meeting. What about the Eagle Forum?

KELLEIGH: Do you want me to answer that, Chey? Well, I will tell you this, Phyllis Schlafly is a Catholic. I know that she's done what a lot of people consider a lot of good work. However, I know for a fact Phyllis is Phi Beta Kappa and all you have to do is go into the old book, SECRET AND OTHER SOCIETIES, and find out that Phi Beta Kappa was started in the 1700s and patterned of the Bavarian Illuminati. On the back of the Phi Beta Kappa key are seven stars and a crescent moon which also appears on the floors of the old freemasonry halls. So, there is a heavy connection there to. Now, it is alleged, and I say alleged very carefully, that Phyllis is a Dame of the Sovereign Order of the Military Knights of Malta. And it is also a fact that she did get a $500,000 federal grant to study Child Abuse in the Classroom. Child Abuse in the Classroom was actually not written by Phyllis. It was written by a woman named Charlotte Iserbyt and it was only a year ago that Phyllis finally gave Charlotte credit for having written it.

Now, I have a letter in my file that I will be happy to send you. It's from Elizabeth Clare Prophet and it's thanking Phyllis Schlafly for having appeared at one of her conferences as a guest speaker. It also connects a man named Balsiger who is another Council For National Policy member who apparently worked for Elizabeth Clare Prophet and was involved with both Phyllis and Elizabeth Prophet. So, its questionable, you know?

ANGIE: Yes, absolutely. It's so important to inform people of these things because I get tons and tons of mail a day and I remember seeing things from the Center For National Policy and not really knowing what it is. But, another thing is the way Sun Myung Moon is seriously penetrating the hearts and souls of those even not involved with the Center For National Policy or American Freedom, but just people and Christians on the Internet such as myself, is by the media and putting out articles that you think are very good and telling the truth. Now, I've known and been very skeptical about Insight and also Washington Times. I have seen some disinformation in there. In fact, someone told me not too long ago, from Korea, I asked why do you think Moon is divulging so much about China and what's going on over there? He said, "Not for any good reason but because he hates the Chinese. He does not want the competition with the Chinese and that's one main reason other than impressing other people (so-called conservatives who want the other side of the news)." This is very, very dangerous.

KELLEIGH: Angie, I think you need to stay on the line and have Chey tell you the CIA connections.

ANGIE: Oh, I would love to know! Would you prefer that I get off and listen off the air?

KELLEIGH: No, you can stay on if you want. You may have another question because that was one of the questions that I got on my other line. Chey, could you go into that? Are you prepared for it?

CHEY: Well, I'll try to make that connection for you. I have to get out another notebook.

KELLEIGH: There was also another question regarding Jerry Falafel's involvement.

CHEY: I know that Jerry Falwell defended Moon when Moon went to jail over income tax evasion. Also, when Jerry Falwell had the Moral Majority, his Senior Vice President was a man named Ron Godwin. Ron Godwin, who professes Christianity and was very high in the Moral Majority, subsequently took a job as the editor of Insight Magazine, a Unification publication that is marketed as a "conservative" magazine. Now he is, and has been for a number of years, the Senior Vice President of The Washington Times newspaper. He works directly under Colonel Bo Hi Pak who is Moon's highest in command in the United States.

KELLEIGH: And we're back with Chey Simonton. We have Angie Carlson on the line. Chey, I hope that gave you time to get your file out.

CHEY: It did, yes. Basically, I'm taking information from Bob Woodward's book, VEIL: THE SECRET WARS OF THE CIA 1981-1987. He identifies on page 426 that, "Casey had greatly increased the covert budget for propaganda operations. There were now about 2 dozen providing money abroad for newspapers, think tanks and institutes." Now money abroad is sanctioned, but, with "propaganda" what you have to focus on is newspapers, think tanks and institutes regardless of whether they are abroad or not.

On page 429 it states, "The Washington Times started by the Rev. Sun Myung Moon of the Unification Church was plugged into Reagan's conservative Washington. Several of its staff writers had worked at the National Security Council." Now, that was Oliver North and John Poindexter and McFarland's thing was the National Security Council, that's where they served President Reagan. The Washington Times, when it started, had National Security Council personnel working as writers.

There is a gentleman named Max Hugel who served briefly on the CIA as friend of Casey's. He had to resign when some stock trading came to light. He made a threat to his stock broker who had accused him of insider trading, "I'll get my Korean gang after you and don't look so good when your (expletive deleted) ". Max Hugel served on the Council For National Policy. In a 1990 article from the Washington Post, in the financial section, it goes into the fact that Max Hugel and Jonathan Park, the son of Bo Hi Pak who is the President of The Washington Times Foundation and who as a colonel was an attache to the Korean embassy, Max Hugel and Col. Bo Hi Pak's son using Unification money were pursuing forming a conglomerate of all the independent broadcasting facilities in the whole Washington D.C. region. As of 1990, they had purchased and controlled all but one including the satellite and the independent broadcasting facility in the National Press Building. They were providing news footage to CNN and anyone who understands editing can understand how that could be used for propaganda. In editing you can do all kinds of fancy things.

ANGIE: Chey, if I could say one thing very quickly, it's interesting that you mentioned Bevel. Two questions, Bevel was in some organization and secondly, in fact the LaRouche paper, Federalist, has been exposing a tremendous amount. They seem to have a very special disdain for Sun Myung Moon and divulged the fact several months ago that Moon and Bush were on a speaking tour of South and Central America. I have the article somewhere. Moon went there supposedly to be involved in one of these ghastly collective weddings, 3.5 million poor South Americans were getting married and he and Bush bought several major papers in South and Central America. So they are really moving all over the world through the media!

CHEY: You have to remember that Bush, before he was president and before he was vice president, was the Director of the CIA back in the 70s. They've been working together for the last several years. They're very close.

KELLEIGH: And the fact that The Washington Times has lost 35 million a year for how many years?

CHEY: 15 years. If you're going into the Unification web site, read Moon's speech, the Founder's Speech for The Washington Times.

ANGIE: Do you have any idea of the year?

CHEY: It's fairly recent. I don't have it written down, but, in that he said he had received nothing good from America but that he had bestowed his blessing on America. It's the Founder's Speech for The Washington Times 15th Anniversary. It's maybe this year or maybe last year.

KELLEIGH: The other thing about Lyndon LaRouche is the fact the man spent time in prison just like Mandela did to prove his allegiance to his masters. Lyndon LaRouche at one time changed his name to Len Marcus to honor Lenin and Marx who are his heroes.

ANGIE: Well, he was a stated communist who moved to democratic, then conservative and then back to so-called democratic.

KELLEIGH: And yet, here is Rev. James Bevel on the National Advisory Board of the American Freedom Coalition which is headed by Dr. Robert Grant, CNP member, and a Moon organization! So, see it's all connected!

ANGIE: This is such valuable information. I appreciate this so very, very much! If you would just repeat where the $5,000,000 was given one time so I could write that down. Thank you so much. Bye, bye.


KELLEIGH: My guest has been Chey Simonton for the last two hours. I wanted to tell you, Chey, that it's been my pleasure to be on the air with you for a couple hours discussing this very involved Moon and all the tentacles along with it. I want to give just two short Bible verses that really speak to the whole situation.

"But they that will be rich fall into temptation and a snare and into many foolish and hurtful lusts which drown men in destruction and perdition for the love of money is the root of all evil which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith and pierced themselves through with many sorrows." Timothy I 6:9-10

Doesn't that just tell what's happened?

CHEY: It sure does, it really does.

KELLEIGH: So, tell Angie where it states that they lose $35,000,000 every year.

CHEY: Well, I've seen it in various things. Mine is in a New York Times article about reorganizing and brushing up the conservative image of The Washington Times. I'd be happy to e-mail that to her. I don't have it on disk.

KELLEIGH: Anything you want to finish up on while we have a few minutes left here?

CHEY: Your Christian testimony is the most precious thing you have. We have a Savior. Our job is glorify Him. Politics and political goals come second. Our Savior, Lord Jesus Christ comes first.

KELLEIGH: That's right. That's absolutely true!

CHEY: And glorifying Moon does not honor God.

KELLEIGH: Unfortunately, many of these get into worshipping politics as their god. I think that's where Rev. Moon and all those Christian Right that he's leading down this path are going and have been for many years. Don't you?

CHEY: Yes, I do! It's a worldly system and all the compromise and coalition building in politics is very, very dangerous.

KELLEIGH: And where has it gotten us? We've been fighting this mess, with the Christian Right supposedly helping. For the last 25 years they've told us, "Give us your money, your time, your blood and we'll save the country from what's coming." Now we're on the brink of a precipice ready to fall in!

CHEY: Umhum, with all these leaders! They live very lavish lives, don't they?

KELLEIGH: Yes, they do. A lot more lavish than you and I!

CHEY: Sacrificial giving on the part of the grassroots makes for a comfortable life style.

KELLEIGH: And I think what people don't realize is that as long as they get their grassroots support, they can show the foundations that they have the ear of the grassroots and then the foundations fund them with great deals of money. So, if we stop funding them our $25.00 a month, then their foundation money will also drop off because the foundations will realize that we are no longer being affected by their rhetoric.

CHEY: Amen!

KELLEIGH: God bless you, Chey! Good night, folks!


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