The Transformation of the Church

~ A Database of Historical and Current Data on the Strategic Partnerships &

Interlocking Directorates of Organizations in the Global Ecumenical Movement


I marvel that ye are so soon removed from him that called you into the grace of Christ unto another gospel. Galatians 1:6


The Transformation of the Church Database/ TOC database is organized as follows:


Missions Mobilization

Prayer Mobilization

Church Transformation

Facilitators of the Transition to Lausanne

Transformation of the Church Database


The Evangelical Alliance, 1846

Call for a Concert of Prayer

National Days of Prayer & Modern Bible Versions

United Grand Lodge of England [UGLE] at Freemason Hall -1846


Evangelical Alliance & Modern Bible Versions

•Wescott, Hort and Philip Schaff

•Modern Bibles & Bible Translation Committees

•Dead Sea Scrolls and the Nag Hammadi Library

•Bible Societies and the Gnostic One-World Religion


National Association of Evangelicals/NAE, 1942

•World Relief

•EFMA/Evangelical Fellowship of Mission Associations

•Christian Stewardship Association/CSA

•National Religious Broadcasters/NRB


World Evangelical Fellowship/WEF, 1951––now World Evangelical Alliance

•NGO of the United Nations

•In dialogue with the Roman Catholic Church at Tantur Ecumenical Centre

•WEF oversees the work of an international network of Evangelical Alliances

"A global network of 120 national/regional evangelical church alliances, 104 organizational ministries and 6 specialized ministries serving the worldwide church through WEF."

•Coordinates the International day of Prayer/IDOP, 1996

•WEF Commissions

•WEF Associate Members and Regional Bodies

•WEF affiliate members:

–DAWN/Discipling a Whole Nation, 1985 ––"The best plan for evangelization," C. Peter Wagner

–Viva Network [UK]


Billy Graham

•Youth for Christ

•Urbana ––a project of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

•World Vision, 1950s

•Christianity Today, 1956

•EMIS/Evangelical Missions Information Service––a joint project of EFMA & IFMA

•Lausanne Consultation on World Evangelization/LCWE, 1974

•Explo '74

•ECFA/Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability, 1979

•TOPIC/Trainers of Pastors International Coalition

•Amsterdam 2000

•ALPHA course

•Billy Graham Center located at Wheaton College

–BGC's Prayer Evangelism and Divine Sovereignty Conference

–BGC's Advanced School of Evangelism

–BGC sponsor of IFMA/Interdenominational Foreign Missions Assoc.'s

Godsmission.CommUNITY 2001 conference


Lausanne Consultation on World Evangelism/LCWE, 1974

•Lausanne Covenant

•Leadership of Lausanne:

–Billy Graham

–John Stott

–Jay Gary

–Vinson Synan


TIMELINE: NAE/ WEF/ Lausanne Movement  


Emerging from Lausanne…

AD 2000 & Beyond, 1989


The Park at Moggerhanger Trust [UK], 1981 staff members are representatives of:


•Evangelisation of the Church Together––linking to the world Council of Churches

•Evangelical Alliance [UK[

•EACONS/Evangelical Alliance Coalition on the Occult and New Spiritualities

•European Evangelical Alliance/EEA which has merged with…

•Hope for Europe/HfE

•The Bible Society/British and Foreign Bible Society

•DAWN/Discipling A Whole Nation

•Natural Church Development––linking to Willow Creek Association

•Fuller Theological Seminary

•Salvation Army––NGO of the United Nations

The Park at Moggerhanger's Pardes: Centre for Biblical & Hebraic Studies in partnership with:

•Jerusalem school of Synoptic Research/JSSR

•Tantur Ecumenical Centre [Jerusalem]––established 1971 by Pope Paul VI

•Caspari Centre for Biblical and Jewish Studies [Jerusalem], 1982

•Center for Judaic-Christian Studies [USA]


Ministries to "NU' Religions––emerging from GCOWE 1980, Manila

•CENSUR/Centre for Studies on New Religions [Italy]

•EMNR/Evangelical Ministries to New Religions [USA]

•EACONS/Evangelical Alliance Coalition on the Occult and New Spiritualities [UK]

•CRI/Christian Research Center

•SCP/Spiritual Counterfeits Project

•Numerous inter-related 'Apologetics' Orgs


Kaleidoscopic Global Action Plan/KGAP, 1990

•Representing the convergence of all global plans into one global plan

•Databanking Global Mapping & Spiritual Mapping of the Global Church


Messianic Jewish Movement

•Lausanne Consultation on Jewish Evangelism

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Worldwide Church of God/WCG/British Israelism

•Mainstreamed by the cult apologists as 'orthodox'

•Welcomed into the National Association of Evangelicals/NAE

•Organizational splinter groups


New millennial global network:

The Great Commission Global Roundtable/GCGR, 2000––a partnership of:

• World Evangelical Fellowship/WEF

• Lausanne Consultation for World Evangelization/LCWE

• AD2000 and Beyond Movement/AD2000

• World Vision/MARC


Cambridge University––Faculty of Divinity:

•CARTS––Centre for Advanced Religious and Theological Studies

In partnership with:

•OC International

•Fuller Theological Seminary

•School of International Leadership and Development/Development Associates International––Eastern College in partnership with World Vision  


Oxford Centre for Mission Studies/OCMS, 1982–International Fellowship of Evangelical Mission Theologians/INFEMIT

–"Shaping Evangelical Mission Theology and Strategy"

–OCMS's journal 'Transformation'


Association of Theological Schools/ATS––Rockefeller-affiliated

 “A new kind of scholarship program for theological education was envisioned in 1953 by two nationally known educators, Nathan Pusey, President of Harvard University, and Henry Pitney Van Dusen, President of Union Theological Seminary, New York… Pusey and Van Dusen were not alone, and they were able to convince the Rockefeller Brothers Fund to support a new initiative that would enable highly qualified college graduates considering but undecided on a ministerial career to enroll in an exploratory year of theological studies. In 1954 an eminent board of directors was established under Pusey's leadership in close cooperation with the American Association of Theological Schools to guide the new program…”


Fuller Theological Seminary––developed strategies and methodologies for the global missions and prayer movement 


U.S. Center for World Mission

•Perspectives on the World Christian Movement

•Mission Frontiers Bulletin


World Vision, 1950's

•NGO ––Special Consultative Status with United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)

•MARC/ Mission Advanced Research and Communication Center

•International Justice Mission/IJM

•Institute for Global Engagement/IGE


Christian Legal Society/CLS

•CLS and the World Evangelical Fellowship's Religious Liberty Commission

•CLS's Advocates International––NGO of the United Nations

•CLS and the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom/USCIRF

•CLS & Center for Public Justice: Charitable Choice/Faith-Based Welfare Reform

•CLS & the Council for National Policy

•CLS and the Center for Bioethics & Human Dignity

•CLS's Seminar on International Human Rights taught by the United Nations


Council for Christian Colleges & Universities/CCCU

Executive Leadership Development Institute for presidents, academic deans, and emerging leaders

•John Templeton Oxford Seminars on Science and Christianity   

•CCCU's partnership with the Wilberforce Forum

•Christian University Global Net/CUGN–– CCCU's Internet Initiative

•CUGN's EQUIP University in partnership with Christian Research Institute/CRI


Ministries for Students

•IFES - International Fellowship of Evangelical Students, 1947           

•InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/URBANA [under the umbrella of IFES]

•International Students, Inc./ISI  

•National Network of Youth Ministries [NNYM, see Mission America]

•Emerging Young Leaders 

Researching youth attitudes:

•Search Institute   



Rockefeller Foundation

•The Fund for Theological Education

•Participatory Communication for Social Change

•Philanthropy Workshop––global association of strategic philanthropists

Pew Charitable Trusts

•Grants to Religion

•Pew's Young Scholars–– based at the University of Notre Dame

Lilly Foundation

Ford Foundation

•Trust in Government

John Templeton Foundation

•Templeton Honors College––Eastern College

•John Templeton Oxford Seminars on Science and Christianity with CCCU/

Coalition of Christian Colleges and Universities at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford University

•Science and Religion––Expanding Humanity's Vision of God

•Character Development/ Colleges & Character grants

•Templeton Award for Progress in Religion

•National Bible Week and the Bible Societies


Transformation of the Church Database


A Global Movement Mobilizing Churches for Prayer

AD 2000 & Beyond, 1989

–emerging from the Lausanne Consultation, 1974 

–mobilizing united prayer in the United States through…

Introduction to Prayer Mobilization

Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization International Leadership

A.D. 2000 United Prayer Track

AD2000 Track & Networks

AD2000 & Beyond Prayer Track Committee [C.Peter Wagner]

AD2000 Prayer Track Evolves into Spin-off Orgs–– 2000


ØMission America [Lausanne/AD2000 emerges in the US]

Mission America directed by Paul Cedar, Chair of the Int'l. Lausanne Committee

Paul Cedar BIO

Cedar’s Vision for America––AD 2000's United States Model [1995]

Mission America: Coalitions and Networks


Mission America [Lausanne] Prayer Initiatives

Lighthouse Prayer Movement––Co-Chairs Billy Graham & Bill Bright  

 Lausanne Covenant Requirement

 Lighthouse Leadership

 History of the Lighthouse Movement by Paul Cedar

The Lighthouse Vision

 Campus Crusade & Lighthouse Movement

 Bill Bright’s Jesus Film Project & Paul Eshelman

 About Bill Bright


•Mission America's National Prayer Committee/NPC

NPC Leadership

NPC Participating organizations

NPC Initiatives:

National Day of Prayer

National Association of Local Church Prayer Leaders [Ted Haggard]–– 

A partnership of Mission America and the National Association of Evangelicals/NAE 

Concerts of Prayer

Celebrate Jesus 2000

Joshua Project 2000 [1996]

Caleb Project

Mapping Projects

Resistant Peoples

Affinity Blocks [Patrick Johnstone]


•City/Community Prayer Transformation [integrating TQM into the Churches]

 March for Jesus   [Graham Kendrick & Jay Gary, Regional Coordinator. Richard Foster of Renovaré was a founder.] 

 CitiReach [Jack Dennison, previously with DAWN]

 DAWN––Discipling A Whole Nation   [Jim Montgomery] 


•Pastor's Ministry

TOPIC (Trainers of Pastors Interntional Coalition)

Revival and Spiritual Awakening [Dale Schlafer, Mission America's Facilitator of Pastors ––formerly with Promise Keepers]

An Urgent Appeal to Christian Leaders in America for Consensus and Collaboration on the Biblical Hope of Corporate Revival

"Re-dig the Wells of Revival" a collaborative ministry of the Coalition with the Center for World Revival & Awakening [Dale Schlafer] & teaming with Vision New England [partnership of Alpha, Bank of the West, Gordon College, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary/Ockenga Institute, Christianity Today, Eastern Nazarene College, Market-Place Network, World Relief [NAE], Willow Creek Association, Tyndale House Publishers, Jesus Video [Campus Crusade for Christ]

National Pastor's Prayer Network/NPPN  [Phil Miglioratti]

Pastor Prayer Summits [based at Multnomah Biblical Seminary- ATS member]

Man-Made Revival


•Mens' Ministry––National Network of Men's Ministries/NNMM

NNMM Membership Directory

Promise Keepers     

The Gathering, Inc. Curriculum [with Promise Keepers]


•Women's Ministry

Lausanne Women in World Evangelization [Robyn Claydon, member Great Comission Global Roundtable task force]

Women of Faith [Zondervan, World Vision

Time out For Women [Betsy DeVos]


•Youth Ministry––National Network of Youth Ministry/NNYM

NNYM Leadership  [Paul Fleishmann]

NNYM's Partnerships

NNYM's YouthNet member organizations

NNYM Covenant

NNYM Behind the Scenes:

World Evangelical Fellowship

Search Institute

Robert Schuller Institute for Successful Church Leadership

Pew Trust Grants

Emerging Young Leaders  [John Maxwell , CNP]

Center for Strategic & International Studies [CFR members]


NNYM Youth Mobilization:

See You At the Pole

See You After the Pole

An initiative of Student Venture/SV. "SV has been building significant movements of young people in cities around the world for 31 years." Student Venture/Vital LINC (SVLINC). LINC= Leaders In New Campuses

(Josh McDowell/Campus Crusade for Christ [Bill Bright, CNP])


Challenge Alliance “A New Student Volunteer Movement?”––Doug Tegner, Natl Coordinator

The Every School Plan

The Call D.C.  Lou Engle [US Center for World Mission]


• Communications Network  Rich DeVos [CNP & Amway]

online coalition-building for Lausanne/AD2000/Mission America

formerly 21st Century Gospel Films

Gospelcom Network Members


Case Studies of Lausanne and the Local Church:

• Overlake Christian Church, Redmond, Washington

• Seattle City Church, Bellevue, Washington & Yonggi Cho 


Ø LEADERS of the Global Prayer Movement

C. Peter Wagner

Ted Haggard

George Otis, Jr.

John Dawson

Eduardo Silvoso

Cindy & Mike Jacobs

Chuck Pierce

Dutch Sheets

Prayer Initiatives:

School for Prophets and Apostles

U.S. Spiritual Warfare Network

Transformation of the Church Database


 Zygon Religion––the merging of science and faith


•The Human Genome Project NIH, Director Francis Collins



•Eugenics Establishment


Council for National Policy

[Gathering of Globalists, Masons, Scientologists, Moonies and prominent Evangelicals. CNP lobbied for CFR-backed Freedom from Religious Persecution Legislation] 

CNP Databank

CNP Members & Politics:      

•Heritage Foundation /CNP members

•Free Congress Foundation/ CNP members

•James Dobson/ Focus on the Family


 National Day of Prayer 

Faith-Based Welfare Reform

Community Covenant Marriage Policies

Covenant Marriage Legislation

Charter Schools legislation

Crisis Pregnancy Centers/ federal Abstinence funding

•Chuck Colson

•Tim La Haye / Beverly La Haye


CNP members involved in the leadership of the Lausanne Consultation/ Prayer Movement:

•Bill Bright - Lighthouse Prayer Movement

•James Dobson - National Day of Prayer

•Pat Robertson - Regent University

•Chuck Colson – Prison Fellowship


Coalition on Revival/COR

COR's Purpose: "COR's mission is ‘to help the Church rebuild civilization on the principles of the Bible so God's will may be done on earth as it is in heaven.’

COR's Steering Committee

COR's Cross-over membership 

Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy [1978]

COR's Christian Worldview white papers [17 areas]

COR's International Church Council


Ecumenical Documents and Initiatives


World Congress on Families––NGO to the United Nations??


Christians in Faith-Based Community Development

International Urban Associates/City Voices [Ray Bakke]

Breakthrough Urban Ministries Chicago

[Advisory Ray Bakke, Joseph Stowell––Moody Bible Institute, David Andresen, Regional Human Resource Manager, Xerox Corporation]


Marriage Covenants


Christian Leadership Development [TQM] & Church Growth

[Integrating TQM into the Churches]

What is Total Quality Management [TQM]?––Nothing Scriptural:

•The source

•The language of TQM:

Servant Leadership



Pro Active Community participation



Barna Research Group, Ltd.

How to Increase Church Giving

Barna on "Revival"


International Center for Religion and Democracy [Doug Johnson]

Acton Institute––Church Management Seminar

Center for Public Justice/ Pew Civitas Program in Faith and Public Affairs

Center for Christian Leadership ––Dallas Theological Seminary

Institute for Christian Leadership/ now Internet Christian Library

[Started with a grant for Murdock Charitable Trust, funders of WA state Faith-based Welfare Reform]

WEF Leadership Development Services:

•Transformation Through Leadership transformation of 237 nations for Jesus Christ

•Training Leaders for the Global Church 

Interdev: Strategic Evangelism Partnerships [Phill Butler, Brian O'Connell, Randy Bridges]

Church Growth Inc. [Dr. Win Arn––studied at Fuller Theological Seminary under Dr. Donald McGavran]

Willow Creek International Centre for Leadership Development and Evangelism

Saddleback Community Church / Saddleback Advanced Leadership Training/SALT

Robert H. Schuller Institute for Successful Church Leadership

Christian Business Men's Committee Int'l./CBMC

[Associate Member of WEF]

Europartners [Peter J. Briscoe]/Christian Business Management Consultants [affiliate of CBMCI]


Christian CEOs and Managing Your $$Money$$

New ERA Scandal

Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability [founders: Billy Graham & World Vision]

Christian Stewardship Association/ CSA [ affiliate of National Association of Evangelicals/NAE]

Christian Management Association/ CEO Dialogues [founders Ted Engstrom/World Vision & Bob Andringa [Council for Christian Colleges & Universities; formerly with Education Commission of the States/ECS]

Christian Stewardship Ministries

Promise Keepers

Christian Financial Concepts [Larry Burkett, CNP]

Crown Financial Ministries    [Larry Burkett, CNP]


National Center for Charitable Statistics [Urban Institute-]

Quality 990 [maintained by Urban Institute-]

National Charities Information []

Guidestar [–– 990s posted for some "Christian" orgs]

Requesting 990s


Christians Reclaiming America & the Founding Fathers


Christian Publishers & Authors


Psychology for the Christian


Transformation of the Church Database



ØHebraic Roots/British-Israel Movement  

Messengers of Messiah––Peter Michas

Moriel––Jacob Prasch

• Cross + Word ––Tricia Tillin

• Discernment Ministries––Jewel van der Merwe

• The Christian Conscience - Lynn & Sarah Leslie


ØCult Watch/ Cult Apology/ Prophecy/ Discernment

• Cross + Word––Tricia Tillin

• Discernment Ministries––Jewel van der Merwe

• Deception in the Church––Sandy Simpson

• Prophecy Central––Ron Graf

• Calvary Chapel Jerusalem and Harpazo web sites––Ron Graf  & Lambert Dolphin   

• Antipas––Dene McGriff/ Stevan Shearer [CIA]

• Berean Call––Dave Hunt


ØMinistries under the Council for National Policy Umbrella   

• Ankerberg Institute for Theological Studies––John Ankerberg   

• Koinonia House––Chuck Missler

• Jeremiah Films, Citizens for Honest Government––Patrick Matrisciana


ØMinistries associated with Council for National Policy  

•Hope for the World––Gary Kah

•Discernment Ministries––Jewel van der Merwe

•Cross + Word–– Tricia Tillin

•Kjos Ministries––Berit Kjos

•Christian Conscience–– Lynn and Sarah Leslie

•NACE/CEE––Robert Simonds

•Berean Call––Dave Hunt

•Calvary Chapel––Chuck Smith