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We are in a time of great deception and must understand how to interpret current events according to Scripture and how Bible prophecy is being fulfilled.  Failure to properly interpret end time events according to God's Word has made the Church vulnerable to deception and large numbers of Christians are being exploited by deceivers to fulfill their anti-Christian agenda. But God has promised the Holy Spirit will lead us into all truth and has provided all the information we need in His Word to understand the times and avoid being deceived, or come out of deception when that happens. We have all been deceived at one time or another, so let us pray that God will help us all navigate through these perilous times.

May 2018    Trusted SBC and PCA Seminaries Producing LGBTQ Activists

If we thought things couldn't get worse for the Church, or at least not this soon, Tom Littleton's latest research proves that theory wrong. The apostasy of Evangelicalism is far more advanced than previously thought. Tom's expose of "The Evangelical Deep State" documented that the curricula in many, if not most, Evangelical seminaries includes a LGBTQ+ Inclusive Social Justice curriculum which is funded by the liberal Kern Family Foundation which partners with the Acton Institute, a Vatican/Jesuit operation. Now there is evidence that this Acton-Kern Curriculum is not only intended to influence Christian ministers to be more understanding and tolerant of LGBTQ+, but a more sinister agenda is at work:

"We must now set these assumptions aside and face some hard facts, namely, that major institutions in the Southern Baptist Convention and Presbyterian Church of America are actually training LGBTQ activists and advocates for inclusion of sexual minorities in the churches – in ministry positions and even as 'theologians' of LGBTQ and Queer Theory."
    Please let that sink in a moment. When you send your son or daughter to an Evangelical seminary or college, you naturally expect they will be learning the Word of God from Christian ministers and that the future ministers, whom God has called, are being equipped to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a church or on the mission field. However, that is not the case today. Now Christian youth are being trained in their Christian college/seminary to be "LGBTQ activists" and the theology they learn is "Queer Theory." And this LGBTQ indoctrination is carried on without the knowledge of their parents who are paying for a "Christian" education.
    There is virtually no difference between the Cultural Marxism taught in secular academic institutions and that found in Christian colleges and seminaries. The latter now have only the name and outward appearance of Christianity -- a form of godliness without the power thereof -- while inside there is uncleanness and death, like the whited sepulchres whom Jesus called out:
    "Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye are like unto whited sepulchres, which indeed appear beautiful outward, but a within full of dead men's bones and of all uncleanness. Even so ye also outwardly appear righteous unto men, but within ye are full of hypocrisy and iniquity." Matt. 23:27-28
    "Now do ye Pharisees make clean the outside of the cup and the platter, but your inward part is full of ravening and wickedness." Luke 11:39


It is well known by now that the United States is controlled by an invisible cabal which is a hybrid entity of public and private institutions whose agenda is to subvert our government and deprive American citizens of their Constitutional rights. Few Christians, however, know that this Deep State has also infiltrated and is controlling their denominations and churches. Thomas Littleton has written a major expose which documents that the government/corporate Deep State has even penetrated Evangelical denominations and is leading Christians into the anti-Christian One World Religion and New World Order.

As I write, no fewer than 34 (and counting) Evangelical seminaries and colleges are using a Jesuit curriculum which redefines the Gospel of Jesus Christ as the Social Gospel, a revival of the Liberal Theology heavily funded by the Rockefeller Foundation in the early 20th century. This Liberal curriculum which has been stealthily brought into Evangelical seminaries and colleges is sponsored by the Libertarian Jesuit/Catholic Acton Institute and funded by the pseudo-conservative Kern Family Foundation which also funds radical LGBTQ organizations. The Acton/Kern curriculum was designed and embedded in Christian institutions of higher learning to undermine the faith of the next generation and indoctrinate future ministers and missionaries in Cultural Marxist social justice ideology including LGBTQ acceptance in the Church.

The Social Gospel as it is preached in Evangelicalism today exhorts churches to be involved in community service toward solving the problems of society, e.g. issues of social injustice such as economic (poverty), racial (white privilege) and gender (LGBT) inequality, crime (gun control), and immigration and environmental issues. Though it may sound humane, the Social Gospel conceals a very sinister agenda of diverting, silencing and eventually criminalizing the Great Commission of the Church, which is to preach Jesus Christ and His Word to a lost world. The high calling of the Church will be suppressed when these non-Christian funding sources for Christian colleges, seminaries, churches, ministries and missions -- private foundations like Kern and federally-funded Faith Based Partnerships -- enforce non-discrimination legislation (which has not been rescinded in the FBP legislation by President Trump), and the apostate Church will be merely a government/corporate contractor for social services in the New World Order.

Christians cannot afford to be ignorant of this massive movement which is overtaking their churches and ministries worldwide. Therefore, I recommend that parts 1 and 2 of Tom Littleton's expose are must reading, and his audio interviews with Janet Mefferd and Brannon Howse after each article, which elaborate on this apostasy, present additional information which Christians must knowin these last days before Jesus returns...

"That He might present to himself a glorious church, not having spot, or wrinkle, or any such thing; but that it should be holy and without blemish." Eph. 5:27


Does it seem strange that two years after the US Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage that homosexuals, lesbians and transgenders are presenting themselves in the Christian community as “gay Christians”? At the first, they claimed to be “celibate gay Christians” but now sexually active homosexuals and lesbians want to join a Christian church. In fact, they are demanding that Christian churches become “safe spaces”—places of refuge where doctrine is set aside so they can be affirmed as “Christians,” embraced as “brothers and sisters in Christ” and restored from the “abuse” they have suffered by non-affirming Christians and churches. Even stranger is watching the validation of homosexuals, lesbians and transgenders by "conservative" Evangelical leaders who are projecting guilt onto the Church and calling Christians to repent, instead of calling homosexuals to repentance.

What is the source of this sexual revolution and where is it leading the Church? Who are these people really and why are they demanding the Christian Church radically change Bible doctrine and welcome LGBTQs into the church membership? Who are the church leaders who are facilitating this travesty against the Gospel of Jesus Christ and His Church. Will there be a legal requirement at some point which will force churches to receive LGBTs into their membership and leadership?

A key figure facilitating this assault on the Church is Rosaria Butterfield, a former lesbian professor whose academic specialty was Cultural Marxism: Freud, Marx, Darwin, Critical Theory and Queer Theory. Rosaria's expertise in Cultural Marxism has uniquely prepared her for her present career in the Church as a Reformed Presbyterian. author, speaker and change agent. The following expose began as a review of Rosaria Butterfield's books which has expanded to a 12 part series on the Cultural Marxist conspiracy, its strategy, tactics and the major players who are rapidly advancing this agenda in the Christian Church.


John Macarthur has a reputation for being a doctrinally sound expositor of God’s Word and a defender of the faith against apostasy.  As is often the case, the reputation does not correspond to the reality.  Although John Macarthur preaches against the Emergent Church and its doctrinal errors, the documentation throughout his popular book, Slave: The Hidden Truth About Your Identity in Christ, leads readers directly to the heretical works of Gnostic, modernist and postmodern scholars who deny the fundamental doctrines of the Christian faith. Many of these liberal scholars are rabidly anti-Christian and their works, which Macarthur recommends as authoritative, are filled with slander and blasphemy of the Lord Jesus Christ.

John Macarthur writes books and articles and preaches eloquent sermons against paganism and conformity to the world, but then sponsors youth events that are covertly pagan and conformed to the world. Every summer John Macarthur and Grace Community Church host a youth camp and church carnival during the pagan festival of Lugnasadh. The young people who attend Regeneration Camp spend a week learning and practicing pagan traditions which are conditioning them for receiving the mark of the Beast. But not to worry, Pastor Macarthur has assured his church that those who take the mark can still be redeemed.

John Macarthur has described the success of his worldwide ministry as an “explosion of spiritual fruit and harvest” and for this fruitful harvest he gives credit to the four generations of family ministers who preceded him. Most notably, he praises God’s work through his great grandfather, Rev. Thomas Fullerton who was the pastor of St. James Presbyterian Church in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, for twenty years. During that time, Rev. Thomas Fraser Fullerton was also Worshipful Master of the Grand Lodge of Prince Edward Island, A.F. & A.M., Grand Master of PEI Grand Lodge (1913-14) and Grand Master and Grand Secretary of the Provincial Grand Lodge.  John Macarthur’s testimony is a tacit admission that his ministry is the spiritual fruit of Freemasonry


Over the past few years we have gathered information and compiled profiles of the major presidential candidates. Our background checks on the candidates have turned up information not presented in the mainstream news and these little known facts reveal why these men cannot be trusted. One Republican candidate some believe to be a refreshing change is Ron Paul, who presents himself as being an outsider and uncorrupted by Washington politics. But is Congressman Paul truly an outsider?  What are the facts about Ron Paul and the leading candidates for President of the United States? 

As we enter the U.S. Presidential election year 2012, it is important that as Christians we do not put our trust in men instead of the Lord. "Thus saith the LORD; Cursed be the man that trusteth in man, and maketh flesh his arm, and whose heart departeth from the LORD." (Jer.17:5) May we keep our eyes solely on Jesus and refuse to be caught up in the vain show of election coverage, whose source is a Satanic conspiracy designed to deceive the very elect.



The mainstream news media has been debunking as "conspiracy theory” the fact that weather modification is being done for destructive purposes.  The media are alternately claiming that weather modification is not being carried out at all, or that it is done to mitigate the damage done by storms, or that it is necessary to counter the effects of global warming.  However, our research presents solid evidence that weather modification operations have been conducted covertly for decades and that they are presently causing the record rainfalls and snowfalls, catastrophic storms and massive flooding along the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers which will create the conditions for a cataclysmic earthquake in the New Madrid Seismic Zone.


October 2009    THE COLLAPSE OF THE U.S. DOLLAR ~ Coming Soon


The decline of U.S. economy has passed the point of no return despite the fictional stock market rally in progress amid media reports of economic recovery. Sources in a position to know are predicting that the U.S. dollar will eventually collapse. One of these sources, Jim Sinclair, is the son of Bertram Seligman whose family started Goldman Sachs, Solomon Brothers, Lehman Brothers and other major investment banking firms.  Jim Sinclair also belongs to the high ranking Merovingian Sinclair/Saint-Clair bloodline from which the Antichrist will come.


September 2009    THE SYNARCHY: A "JUDEO-CHRISTIAN" THEOCRACY ~ Front for the International Jewish Banking Cartel


The Learned Elders of Sion have for many years infiltrated the U.S. government and served as close advisors to Presidents and Congress. Who are the Learned Elders of Sion of the 33º — the grey eminences who have secretly controlled Presidents and Congresses, the crypto-Jews who have functioned as unofficial policy and decision-makers?  The financial vampires who have drained the economic life of the Gentile nations, which have graciously hosted their Diaspora? 

This expose hopes to identify, with reasonable certainty, individual “Learned Elders” who have guided the policies of the United States government in modern times.  The names of many of these individuals will be unfamiliar to the reader. There is a good reason for this – their personas are meant to be well-hidden from the public eye.  In some cases, they have changed their names to obscure their Jewish identity which would reveal their common bond and hidden agenda.

The Learned Elders have also launched a worldwide network of controlled opposition fronts, all preaching the corporate gospel of laissez faire capitalism. In many Christian churches, their false doctrines have become articles of faith:  Zionism, Dominionism, Second Amendment Rights, Freedom, Patriotism, Revolution, and Free Enterprise. Today, anti-government agent provocateurs lead patriotic Christians in church-based militias which will soon erupt in violence. Christian Reconstructionists and Dominionists use the revolutionary language found in the Protocols of Zion, whose Learned Elders have been the hidden hand behind violent revolutions of the past.  For Christians, this is not the time for taking up arms to “reclaim America,” but for soberly watching unto prayer.

”But the end of all things is at hand: be ye therefore sober, and watch unto prayer.” (1 Peter 4:7)


May 2008        "SHOCK & AWE" IN THE KJV-ONLY CAMP ~ KJVO Attack on the Greek Textus Receptus

When we first took a stand for the King James Bible many years ago, it never occurred to us that “King James-Only” meant “no Greek and no Hebrew.”  It was upon reading Gail Riplinger’s most recent book, IN AWE OF THY WORD, that we discovered that the term “KJV-Only” was to be taken literally.  It means that the King James Bible alone is divinely inspired, perfect and superior to all other translations and texts, including the Greek Textus Receptus and the Hebrew Masoretic Text.  We have been, and always will be “Textus Receptus Only,” and we mistakenly assumed that this was also the position of the leadership of the KJV-Only movement.  Our discovery that this was not the case compelled us to write this lengthy expose of the heresy in Gail Riplinger’s book and other false teachings in King James Onlyism which we now understand is an important component of the Sionist conspiracy to eliminate the Christian Bible, especially the New Testament, in all of its expressions.

April 2008      ALL IN THE DRAGON FAMILY ~ The Merovingian Lineage of the 2008 Presidential Candidates

The mainstream news media have been reporting family ties between the major presidential candidates and the rich and famous. These revelations have generated interest in the published genealogies of the candidates which further disclose their descent from European royalty.  Who are these candidates really and what is their true agenda? “All in the Dragon Family” provides evidence of their common claim to descent from the demonic bloodline which God judged with the Great Flood.  The information in this report promises to change the way you view the candidates and the 2008 Presidential campaign.

May 2006     EXPOSE OF CUTTING EDGE MINISTRIES "SECRET MYSTERIES" VIDEO ~ The Plot to Destroy the English Bible

As the occult societies begin their final assault on the Word of God, those whose sacred duty should be to defend it have been found to be collaborating with the enemy.   David Bay has assembled a company of high level occultists cloaked as Baconian experts and Christian leaders to dispense disinformation on the New Age conspiracy at the same time they conspire to pull the rug from under the King James Version by misrepresenting it as a Rosicrucian project. The endgame of this conspiracy is to ultimately eliminate the Greek Textus Receptus on which the KJV New Testament is based. 

March 2006     THE COLUMBINE YOUTH REVOLUTION ~ Recruiting Young Dominionists for Joel's Army

Since the Columbine massacre, parents of the student victims and a network of operatives have been recruiting teenagers into the youth revolution that will soon become Joel's Army, the American equivalent of the Hitler Youth who became the Nazi Storm Troopers.  Through the Christian media, these operatives have rallied the future troops to "take back their schools" and "take back America" for God.

What has not been reported in the media, Christian or otherwise, is a more clandestine and insidious operation.  It seems that the Columbine victims are now manifesting as reincarnated entities – primarily hawks and owls.  When teenagers are drawn into this web of deception through the emotional pleas of the Columbine operatives, they begin to experience these demonic manifestations. They are thus brought into spiritual bondage and recruited for the youth revolution that will be mobilized as Joel's Army.

January 2006   DEATH OF THE PHOENIX ~ Final Act for the United States of America

The United States was predestined by its Judeo-Masonic founders to be destroyed and to rise again as the New Atlantis, the pre-flood civilization which God destroyed.  We believe this is the hidden message in the prophecies of "New Apostolic Reformation" prophets, Chuck Pierce and Kim Clement. “Death of the Phoenix” begins with an expose of the occult signature of Hurricane Katrina and covers events in the Western, Central and Midwest states that will commence the dismantling of the United States. Political events which also further the genocidal policies of Judeo-Freemasonry include a Dominionist theocracy, another Civil War, another Roman Catholic Inquisition, and the Talmudic Noahide Laws. “Death of the Phoenix” concludes with the Judeo-Masonic vision of the New Atlantis rising from the ruins of the United States. 

September 2005   THE PROPHECIES OF CHUCK PIERCE ~ “Insider Knowledge” Of Future Disasters In The U.S.

    Chuck Pierce is no minor prophet in the counterfeit Revival. He is the Vice President of Peter Wagner's Global Harvest Ministries, which is the umbrella organization over 70 International Prayer Ministries. He also oversees the U.S. Strategic Prayer Network with Cindy Jacobs and holds other high level positions in Wagner's New Apostolic Reformation. We believe the prophecies of Chuck Pierce should be taken seriously, not because he and other “apostles” in Wagner's Global Harvest outfit are prophets of God, but because they are insiders with prior knowledge of these man-orchestrated disasters.  We believe it is no coincidence that the Global Harvest Ministries and NORTHCOM, which oversees and coordinates all military operations in North America, are located in Colorado Springs. This report is a compilation of selected prophecies by Chuck Pierce about future disasters and the destruction of the United States.




This expose discloses the Merovingian plan to destroy the United States through environmental disasters.  The vast majority of Christians have never heard that technology has been developed to control the weather, and that this technology, now possessed by the U.S. military, is so advanced that it is possible to create and steer hurricanes, to trigger earthquakes and volcanoes, and to create other seemingly natural catastrophes to further the agenda of the secret societies for an anti-Christian New World Order.  As if this were not enough evil, the occult societies also have their change agents in the Christian community where they are teaching undiscerning Christians to perform occult rituals that summon chaotic spirits to wreak destruction in the earth. 


What does the Merovingian Conspiracy have to do with the Zionist Movement?  Find out how they are really one and the same conspiracy in these audio presentations by Barbara Aho on the radio broadcast of Re-Taking America.   Audio presentations on the John Birch Society and the Council for National Policy will be posted within the next week or so.  These radio programs are available in Media Player format or zipped files for downloading. 

May 2005        THE HOUSE OF GOD ON TRIAL ~ The Doctrine of the Pharisees & Sadducees

     In the process of researching the corrupt Alexandrian manuscripts upon which modern bible versions are based, we discovered the Jewish identity of those who originally revised the New Testament. Our findings were amply supported by evidence from the Alexandrian Greek Text showing that the revisions contained therein precisely reflected the doctrines of the Pharisees and the Sadducees of the ancient Sanhedrin. The Sanhedrin was the high court of Israel which conspired to crucify Jesus Christ and persecuted the apostles as well as the first Christians. There is evidence in the New Testament that, as the Judaizers infiltrated the early churches, the Scribes of the Sanhedrin, who were the copyists of Scripture, had access to the apostles’ letters and set about to revise them. What motive might the Sanhedrin have had for tampering with the New Testament in its embryonic form?  For the answer to this question, see:  The House of God on Trial

    THE REVELATION OF THE ANTICHRIST ~ As the Second Coming of Solomon


    Modern bible versions, which have redefined the doctrine of Christ according to the doctrine of the Pharisees and Sadducees, are preparing the way for a false messiah who will be more acceptable to the Jews (and to the world) than Jesus Christ.  As the Pharisees and the Sadducees had rejected Jesus Christ, and were planning to kill Him, Jesus inquired of them who they thought the Messiah might be. "They say unto him, The Son of David.” (Matt. 22:41-42; see also Luke 20:41-43)
    These verses suggest that the Pharisees and the Sadducees believed the Messiah had already come in the person of King Solomon.  This, in fact, is the teaching of Judeo-Freemasonry, which conspires to establish a worldly kingdom under a Jewish messiah who will be hailed as the reincarnation of Solomon.  All of the current publicity (a la The Da Vinci Code) about the Merovingian bloodline being the lineage of David is laying the groundwork for this Solomon figure to appear on the world stage, claiming to be the Jewish messiah. The Merovingians are, by their own account, a Jewish nobility having “divine blood.”

September 2004    MYSTERY BABYLON THE GREAT ~ Catholic or Jewish?

The scandalous deeds of the Great Whore are well-documented facts of history.  What is less well understood is how the Babylonian mysteries found their way into the Church of Rome, thereby meriting God’s assessment as MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT. This report demonstrates that the real history of the Roman Catholic Church differs from the official fabrication circulated by the propaganda mills, which are under the direction of the Jewish power elite.  MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT examines historical evidence that the Roman Catholic Church started out as a Judaized form of Christianity, was infiltrated by the masses of Jewry during the Middle Ages and has functioned for nearly two millennia as a covert branch of Judaism.  While maintaining the image of the Catholic Church as a Gentile institution, its crypto-Jewish clergy and popes have gradually and imperceptibly shifted Western Christendom to more advanced stages of apostasy. At the present time it can be safely stated that the Roman Catholic Church is merely a front for Judeo-Freemasonry to draw apostate Christendom into the messianic kingdom of the Antichrist.


          THE FALSE GOSPEL IN THE STARS ~ Preparing the Way of the Antichrist & False Prophet


This report examines the esoteric significance of the twelve signs of the Zodiac as predictors of end-time events and personae.  We believe that New Agers already know the identity of the Antichrist, the False Prophet and counterfeit Archangel Michael through their study of astrology as interpreted by a large body of occult tradition and the current propaganda proliferating through New Age publications. There is no reason that Christians, given the same information available to New Agers and equipped with a right understanding of Bible prophecy, cannot interpret this astrological enigma. The alternative is to be deceived by false teachers, such as D. James Kennedy, who are currently promoting astrology as the "Gospel in the Stars" in order to prepare the Laodicean Church for reception of the above end-time characters who will shortly assume their roles.

THE MEROVINGIAN DYNASTY ~ Satanic Bloodline of the Antichrist & False Prophet

"The Merovingian Dynasty" is a condensed version of "The False Gospel in the Stars" which is a very long, actually book-length, series. This condensed report contains those portions of FGIS which deal specifically with the identities of the Beasts of the Tribulation period—the Antichrist, the False Prophet and counterfeit Archangel Michael, all of Merovingian descent.

July 2004        The End-Time Handmaidens & Servants ~ The Occult Teachings of Gwen Shaw

Love, The Law of the Angels, which is required reading for all End-Time Handmaidens and Servants, is a primer on Gnostic Occultism.  Every chapter presents fundamental Gnostic doctrines cloaked in Biblical terminology along with occult practices that are expressly forbidden in Scripture. This report examines these Gnostic doctrines and occult practices as they are found in Gwen Shaws book. However, it is more than an expose of Shaws teachings—it is a treatise on Gnostic Occultism which will inform Christians on the key doctrines and practices of this revived heresy.  It is designed to equip believers to recognize the Gnostic heresy and its associated occult practices in other sources professing to be Christian.


This report confirms our suspicions that the Knights Templar are conducting the present crusade in the Middle East to establish a base for their planned invasion of Israel. These modern-day knights are also forming a religious coalition to mollify Israel with a phony peace treaty and to rebuild the Temple of Solomon, from which venue the Bible states the Antichrist will rule over a Masonic one-world religion and government. The report also reveals that Charismatic healer, Benny Hinn, is involved in this religio-political initiative and working closely with an Anglican Templar/Jesuit organization that promotes the ordination of homosexuals.

February 2004   MEL GIBSON’S “THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST” ~ An International Hoax

Mel Gibson cast at least five hardcore pornography stars in major roles in this so-called “Christian” movie. Gibsons choice of actresses is evidence that this film is not about Jesus Christ, but a Merovingian Antichrist.  There are so many omissions and inaccuracies in Gibson's presentation of Jesus that he left the door wide open for heresies. Now that the pre-crucifixion and post-resurrection life of Jesus has been thrown into the public forum for popular debate, those who want to redefine Jesus may have an opportunity to replace the New Testament with Gnostic scriptures. 


Understanding Satan's Plan to Counterfeit the Second Coming of Jesus Christ & The Restoration of All Things


There is a vast amount of misinformation/disinformation circulating through the internet and pseudo-Christian books on Bible prophecy.  We think it is safe to say that few Christians understand the real conspiracy; they may *think* they know, but the sad fact is most have fallen prey to the ubiquitous disinformation agents.  We hope this report will undo some of the damage by putting Christians in possession of information from New Age sources which, taken together, presents a coherent Biblical overview of the plan that is moving the world, including apostate Evangelical churches, into the Tribulation Period.


Alan Morrison of Diakrisis International claims to work alone and to have no affiliations, however, he networks with evangelical apologists who are affiliated with the worldwide ecumenical movement.   The apologetics network described in this expose is not a loose association of organizations which happen to have a common interest in the scholarly discipline of apologetics.  Rather, it is a coalition created by the World Evangelical Alliance through the Lausanne Consultations for the purpose of redefining the Gospel.  The new apologists do not defend the the Christian faith that was once delivered to the saints, but rather undermine it –– and in its place they are subtly and systematically introducing the ancient Gnostic heresy.   Is Alan Morrison one of the new breed of apologists?  This well-documented report will furnish the Christian with some solid facts to make an informed judgment. 


Christianity Today ~ Christian Research Institute ~ Spiritual Counterfeits Project ~ Evangelical Ministries to New Religions ~ AFF & Cult Awareness Network


The interlocking leadership of Spiritual Counterfeits Project, Christian Research Institute and Evangelical Ministries to New Religions connects directly with the Lausanne Consultation on World Evangelism, the New Age Movement and an international network of professional cult apology organizations. Although SCP, CRI and EMNR advertise themselves as apologetics ministries, their new missiological paradigm of ‘dialogue with the cults’ is designed to mainstream false religions and deliver undiscerning Christians to the coming One World Religion. Terms such as New Religions and New Spiritualities are now used by these organizations to replace the terms cult and false religions – regarded as insensitive and counter-productive in evangelizing cult members.  Much truth is mingled with much deception and purveyed through a proliferation of exposés, books, tapes, newsletters, journals, interviews, web sites and global conferences. These well-documented reports take the reader behind the scenes of SCP, CRI, EMNR and other apologetics ‘ministries’ to their invisible leadership.  

March 2002     DESIGNER MARKS OF THE BEAST ~ Why the Microchip Implant is NOT the Mark of the Beast

The occult "underground" that is about to surface globally as the occult "establishment" does not want Christians to discover that the Mark of the Beast is an OCCULT SYMBOL.  To this end, they have strategized in advance to brainwash the Christian community that the Mark will be a microchip implant. Christians must not allow current events or the rampant propaganda to interpret Scripture for them, but must carefully study what the Bible has to say about the Mark of the Beast. Although the implantable microchip will be used to track and control people during the Tribulation, the computer chip does not fulfill the Scriptural requirements for the Mark of the Beast.  The Greek New Testament states that the mark will be a stamp (tattoo) that is imprinted or branded ON the head or forehead.

The major supplier of resources for Christian youth ministries sells designs for their products that combine occult symbols with Christian themes. These esoteric designs could easily be converted to tattoos that would fulfill the requirement to display the name, number or mark (symbol) of the Beast.  Our report displays many of these designs accompanied by explanations of their occult symbolism and, where applicable, the *666* motif is involved.  We predict that "designer marks of the beast" will be well received and even popular in the worldly, state-sponsored Laodicean churches of the Tribulation period.